The Daily Insight – 6-27-09 – Signs Of Strong Yin Development In The Body Of A Young Indian Boy

The example picture for this entry is focused on a young boy from the country of India. The Indian boy shows some of the typical signs of healthy Yin development in his body.

One of those signs is the thickness of the boy’s cheeks. They look like they are covered with a layer of some material of some kind instead of looking like bones that are covered with flesh.

The boy is yawning with his mouth wide open. The look of his mouth as he is yawning is characteristic of strong Yin development of the body. The mouth is open very wide with a pronounced circular shape.

 The mouth looks the way it does because it is being opened by more interior parts of the body, as opposed to being opened by the local muscles of the face.

Another sign of strong Yin development are ears the protrude out from the head,

with a well formed shape.

The reader will have noted the left ear sticks far out from the head with a very obvious shape,

while the right ear is closer to the head with a less visible shape.

That discrepancy is an example of the fact that even though a human body displays signs of strong Yin, it can still be asymmetric. That reality might bother some people who have read about the connections between Asymmetry of the body and health problems in other Happeh Theory material.

In a comparison between the Indian boy and another human body that also had a strongly developed Yin part of the body that was symmetric, the Indian boy would be the lesser of the two. In a comparison between the bodily asymmetry of the Indian boy and most other people though, the strength of his Yin development will still make him a better human being than those other people, even with the undeniable asymmetry exhibited by his body.

The left ear being larger than the right ear reinforces the claims of this blog because the left side of the body is associated with Yin. The larger ear would be expected to be on the left or Yin side of the body if the body in question had strongly developed Yin, as this blog entry has claimed is the case with the body of the Indian boy.

Another observation that supports the claim the boy’s body is asymmetric is his hat. The boy’s hat slants off to the left side of his body.

The boy’s hat is pointing off to his left because the more strongly developed left or Yin side of his body has a larger and higher peak,

than the less strongly developed right or Yang side of this body.

Since the top of the head has to cover the peaks of both arches, the top of the head must curve over to the left side of the body to completely cover the taller left side of the head, as shown by the green arch in the next picture.

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