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This blog entry uses the following picture of three woman to highlight how the strength of the Yin development of a body affects the appearance of that body.

Please take a few moments to examine the picture and form an impression of each of the three women.

The woman in the middle of the picture has the strongest Yin.

The natural response to that statement is “What observations justify that conclusion?”.

One of the most obvious indicators of the strength of Yin development of a body is thick strong legs. Examination of the picture reveals the woman in the middle has the thickest and strongest looking legs,

while the legs of the other two woman are much smaller looking.


Supporting the claim that thin legs are a sign of weak Yin, the left leg of the woman on the left is lifted upwards so the knee can be seen.


Why is a lifting upwards leg indicative of weak Yin?

In what should be common sense reasoning, a leg would only lift upwards off of the ground where it belongs, if the body, specifically the Yin part of the body, was too weak to hold it down.

In addition to the difference in leg size, the torso of the woman in the middle is wider and stronger looking


than the torso of the other two women.

Another torso related observation that verifies the woman in the middle has the strongest Yin is the large dent in the right side of the woman on the right.


A large dent in the side of the torso is almost always caused by shrinkage of the Yin part of the body, so of course if the Yin part of her body has shrunk enough to produce that large dent, then she cannot have strong Yin.

The right side of the torso of the woman on the left also has a dent in it, although it is hard to see because her right arm is blocking a clear view of it.


The next picture highlights the gentle curves of the sides of the woman in the middle with the strongest Yin to allow comparison of them to the dented right side of the other two women.


The position of the arms of the woman also indicate which one has the strongest Yin. The arms of the woman in the middle who has strong Yin are hanging down along the side of her body.


In contrast, the right arm of the woman on the left is lifted up by her breast,


and her left arm is raised all the way up to her head,


and the right arm of the woman on the right is lifted up to her hip.


The breasts of the strong Yin woman in the middle also appear to be larger,


than the breasts of the other two women.


Some readers might feel the breasts of the woman on the left has roughly the same size breasts as the woman in the middle. Especially the left breast.


The left breast of the woman on the left does look almost as large if not larger than the breasts of the women in the middle,


but a close inspection of the left breast reveals a strongly rounded shape which is indicative of breast implants.


A breast size that is the result of implants obviously has no bearing on the amount of Yin development of the breast the implant is inserted into.

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  1. she’s not fat though…

  2. really nice piece. on d first look, i liked d one in d middle. pls send info. on how to develop a strong yin. thankx

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