Woman With Tilted Head – Energy Analysis 024

This blog entry talks about the energy of the human body. The material is cut and pasted from a forums where it was originally posted.

According to Happeh Theory, there is what is commonly referred to as “energy” associated with the human body. One way to visualize the energy of the human body is as a sphere or ellipse that completely encloses the physical body,

it can be treated as an amorphous cloud that hovers about the body, or it can be treated as an exact duplicate of the physical body.

The flesh colored human body in the following picture represents the physical body. The red colored human body represents the energy body duplicate of the physical body. 

The energy body should normally be centered on and aligned with the physical body. The next picture shows the red energy body centered and aligned on the flesh colored physical body. Because they both occupy the same space, the combined model human body is composed of both flesh and red colored squares.

The energy body can move away from the physical body in any way imaginable. The next picture presents an example of an energy body that is not aligned with it’s associated physical body.

Why is the woman’s head tilted to her left? There is nothing in the picture forcing her to tilt her head to avoid it….

The woman’s head it tilted because her energy body is not aligned on her physical body. Her energy head has forced her physical head out of the way and over to the side. Any reader who cannot “see energy” or it’s effects should stare at the picture for some short amount of time.

After awhile most people will gain the impression there is a “hole” in the picture, at the location encircled by the green line in this picture.

Staring at the circular indicated circular area on the unmarked picture should produce the sensation in the reader that even though her physical head is tilted to her left, her head is really where it belongs, inside of the area enclosed by the green circle.

In the next picture, the woman’s head has been cut and pasted into the area that was enclosed by the green circle.

The fit of the copied head is almost perfect on the neck and body. The overall picture looks extremely natural with the copied head sticking straight up and down, even though there is a piece of another head angled off her left.

That is because the copied head is sitting exactly where the woman’s energy head is located. The physical head copied into the area occupied by the energy head helps visualize what it was that pushed the actual physical head out of the way and made it lean towards the woman’s left.

A general rule of behavior for the energy body of a human being is that it will try to stand erect regardless of how the physical body may have to contort or deform in order to allow the energy body to stand up straight. If the energy body must force the physical head to tilt and lean off to the side as if it is broken in some way like the example woman’s head, that is what the energy body will do.

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