Man And Woman Conversing – Energy Analysis 023

Human beings have an energy associated with their body. Some of the characteristics of that energy is that it forms a field around the human body, it is invisible, it can travel across a distance, and it can affect other living creatures. Human beings have the ability to sense the energy of other human beings and all other living creatures.

Yin Yang Theory was developed in Asia, supposedly hundreds of years ago. According to Yin Yang Theory, everything in the universe can be described in terms of Yin and Yang. Yin is associated with softness, the act of expanding, and femininity. Yang is associated with hardness, the act of contracting, and masculinity.

Please examine the following picture and form your own impression of the scene and the people in it.

The picture shows a man and a woman. According to the previous paragraph, the man is Yang, which is hard and contracting. Please look at the man’s hands. The man’s hands are moving towards each other. They could also be described as “contracting towards each other”.

The man is Yang and his hands are acting in a Yang, or contracting way.

It was stated earlier that human beings have the ability to sense the energy of other human beings. The man’s energy is focused on the woman, so she will feel the contracting force being generated by the man’s hands. If it is true that the man’s energy can travel from him and into the woman’s body where she can feel it, then it seems reasonable to expect there would be some kind of reaction on the part of the woman. 

Please examine the woman’s body for anything that looks like it would be related to her body experiencing a contracting force being exerted on it by the man.

The woman’s hands are expanding outwards and away from each other.

which would be a natural reaction to a feeling of contraction.

When the man’s contracting energy enters the woman’s body it causes her body to contract. The woman either consciously or instinctively wants to reject that feeling.

What would the woman have to do to rid herself of the contracting force being imposed on it by the man? Either the imposition of the contracting force on the body would have to be stopped, or the contracting force would have to be negated.

For whatever reason the woman is not doing anything to stop the man from imposing the contracting force on her. Most likely her motivation is courtesy. The woman would have to physically grab, bump, or otherwise physically stun the man, or she would have to verbally attack or chide him in some way, in order to make him stop imposing the contracting force on her. All of those actions are considered impolite at the social level the man and woman are a part of.

That leaves negating the contracting force as the only option left to the woman. Which is exactly what she is doing. The woman generated an expanding force by expanding her hands apart, which counteracts and negates the contracting force being imposed on her body by the man.

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