Excessive Exercise Will Make You Blind And Crippled

According to Happeh Theory, Excessive Exercise is one of a number of other activities that are associated with many of the same physical changes  and health problems as those caused by Masturbation.

As this blog entry is devoted to Excessive Exercise, the following discussion will refer to the relationship between Excessive Exercise and changes to the human body, even though the discussion could also refer to the relationship between Masturbation and changes to the human body.

According to Happeh Theory, Excessive Exercise will make the human body visually bilaterally asymmetric, which means the right and left side of the body look different from each other in some way. Some of the areas where Excessive Exercise will cause especially obvious asymmetry of the body include the arms, the legs, the shoulders, the hips, and the head.

This picture shows an example of Excessive Exercise caused Happeh Theory changes to a human body.

The man’s head is not aligned on his body. The man’s shoulders are angled so his left shoulder is towards the camera while his right shoulder is away from the camera.

The man’s body is facing towards the left side of the camera.

The man’s head is rotated to his right so he can look into the camera.

The man’s head and body point different ways. A dot is used to indicate the head direction in the next picture, because since the man is looking straight at the camera, all that would be seen of an arrow pointing straight at the camera would be the point on the tip.

That difference in direction of the body and the head cause the most significant change visible in this example picture of an Excessive Exercise changed human body.

The man’s lower jaw is trying to point the same direction his body is.

The upper jaw is trying to point towards the camera with the rest of the face. Since the upper jaw is pointing mostly at the camera, an arrow indicating it’s direction will also show mostly as a dot like the dot indicating the overall head direction. A small tail was added to the dot indicating the upper jaw direction to highlight it’s slight deviation from the overall head direction.

The difference in direction between the lower jaw and upper jaw makes the shape of the man’s mouth and lips look extremely distorted. Their shape is so distorted that some people have commented that the man looks like he is mentally retarded.

The distortion of the mouth demonstrated in this example picture is so common that it has been given the name “Cigar Mouth” by Happeh Theory, because the wide open side of the mouth looks like the open mouth of a man smoking a cigar.

Happeh Theory provides a bewildering number of ways to explain how and why Excessive Exercise or Masturbation will physically change the human body.  The most direct and accurate explanation, but also the least detailed explanation, is that Excessive Exercise physically changes the human body and causes health problems by tightening and shrinking the body.

One way to understand why Excessive Exercise  or Masturbation produce the same changes in the human body, is to think of masturbation as a physical exercise. A physical exercise is some physical act that is done repeatedly.

Masturbation is a physical act that is done repeatedly, so masturbation fits the definition of a physical exercise.


One final picture might help emphasize exactly how odd the example Excessive Exercise changed man looks. The example man’s picture was taken from a group picture. Here is the original group picture the example man’s picture was taken from.

The example man’s head and body look extremely out of place in this group photo of him surrounded by people whose bodies have not been changed by excessive masturbation. The most striking comparison is between the example man and the older man the example man has his arm around. The older man’s head is looking straight into the camera, his eyes are focused on the camera, and his head is straight on his body.

In comparison, the excessively exercise changed body of the example man is pointing to his right,

his head is pointing at a different angle to his right,

and his eyes have rotated all the way over to the left of their sockets to look into the camera.

The look of the excessive exercise changed example man in comparison to the old man is so striking, that even a person with no training would say it looks like there is something physically or mentally wrong with the excessive exercise changed example man.

The metaphysically minded individual will want to note that an old man with a healthy straight body of relatively the same height is on the right side of the example man,

while a healthy looking woman who is shorter than the example man stands to his left.

According to Happeh Theory the tall healthy man is standing to the example man’s right and the healthy shorter woman is standing to the man’s left because they are visually representing how the example man’s body has changed on the inside.

On the inside, the right male side of the man’s body is very strong like the old man looks strong, while the female left side of his body, while it is relatively healthy like the woman standing to his left, has more importantly shrunk down to the size of the woman.

Excessive Exercise has unbalanced the male and female parts of the example man’s body.

Readers who are interested in the discussion about male and female sides of the body, but have never heard of male and female sides of the body, will want to spend some time reading metaphysical material of various kinds including material on Yin Yang Theory.

Readers who disagree with the concept of human beings having a male and a female side will want to notice that the man’s body slants from high on his right to low on his left,

which is the same angle formed by the bodies of the old man and woman.

Human beings that Exercise Excessively will usually expand in size. The large size of their Excessively Exercised bodies makes the changes caused by Excessive Exercise easier to see, than the same changes at the same level of severity in the body of a homosexual, masturbator, or human being who is out of shape.

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