The Fashion Industry And Anorexia Dent

“Anorexia Dent” is the name given to a depression that forms in the side of the torso of people who have Anorexia. A large majority of female models in the fashion industry have ” Anorexia Dent “. In fact, models with Anorexia Dent have been a part of the fashion industry for so long that fashion designers seem to think that is how normal women look, because the fashion designers draw their models and designs with an Anorexia Dent.

Here is a picture containing two fashion drawings.


A number of other body changes are always found in conjunction with Anorexia Dent. The leg on the opposite side of the body from the Anorexia Dent will lift upwards, 


extend outwards,


and rotate slightly outwards.


Why does an Anorexic person develop an ” Anorexia Dent ” in the side of their torso?

Because the shrinkage of the body associated with losing weight is not distributed uniformly over the body. The human body behaves as if weight loss is originating or focused on the area where the Anorexia Dent is occurring.

The picture below shows two same sized human bodies.


In the next picture, the body on the right has been reduced in size to represent a weight loss of 20%. The entire body has been reduced by 20%, resulting in a human body that demonstrates what an even amount of weight loss across the entire body would look like.


According to Happeh Theory, the body of an Anorexic will look like it loses something like 80% of it’s weight from one half of the body, and maybe only 20% of the weight, from the other half of their body.

The half of the body that loses the 80% of weight, is the half of the body that will have a large dent in the side of the torso.

The next picture will demonstrate the uneven weight loss exhibited by the body of an Anorexic. The body on the right in the picture below, has had the left side reduced by 20%, and the right side reduced by 80%, to represent how the body of an Anorexic loses weight.


The left half of the body shrank by a small amount so it still looks close to the same size as the body with no weight loss. The right half of the body with the 80% of the weight loss looks extremely small. It looks so small that gut instinct should tell the reader that a human body that looked that way would have something wrong with it.

The next picture compares the computer model body with the 80% right 20% left weight loss, to a real Anorexic human body.


The left side of the model’s body appears relatively normal like the right side of the computer model body does. The next picture outlines the relatively normal looking left side of the computer model, to the relatively normal looking, 20% reduced in size, left side of the body of the Anorexia model.


The right side of the computer model is the side that lost 60% of it’s weight, which made the right side of the computer model look much smaller than¬†the left side, as demonstrated in the next picture.


The right side of the Anorexia model’s body is also smaller than the left side.


The extreme shrinkage of the right side of the Anorexia model’s body, has caused the characteristic ” Anorexia Dent ” to appear in the right side of the Anorexia model’s body.


The entire left side of the model’s body will be unevenly smaller like the computer model body. The effect of the uneven shrinkage of the body is more difficult to see in the other areas of the left side of the body. The uneven shrinkage is most obvious in the side of the torso, because of the way the human body is constructed.

( The references to right and left are for looking at the picture. They are not referring to the actual sides of the bodies of the model or the computer model. )


  1. She’s not anorexic she’s a thin woman, her name is paulina rubio, and is a grown woman with a son. She is tilting her body to the back on that side that doesn’t mean her body is smaller on that side. It’s called perception, obviously your depth perception is not normal, otherwise you would have noticed that.

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