Dome Heads Are A Sign Of A Superior Human Being

One type of Dome Head is almost always a sign of superior intellectual development. Human beings with this type of Dome Head are usually physically weak. The physical weakness is the cost to gain the benefit of superior intelligence. As with any type of statement about anything, there will always be exceptions, which in this case would be an intellectual Dome Head paired with a physically strong body.

Another type of Dome Head is associated with superior spiritual development or superior religious development. This type of Dome Head can also be associated with a weaker physical body, but it can also be associated with a relatively healthy and strong body. This type of Dome Head is associated with a stronger physical body more frequently than the intellectual type of Dome Head.

Here is picture that could be an example of either a spiritually developed or intellectual Dome Head with a relatively weak body.

A third type of Dome Head is associated with superior physical strength. The cost of that superior physical strength is usually an underdeveloped intellect and or an underdeveloped spirituality.

The easiest way to tell the difference between the three types of dome head is the face. Intellectual or spiritual dome heads will usually have soft or kindly faces. The strong Dome Head will usually have an aggressive or intimidating face.

The man on the right in the next picture is an example of a Superior Physical Strength Dome Head.


This section will challenge the thinking of some people. Some people might think superior intellectual, physical, or physical development, would be associated with what would be described as good. That is not true. A human being who has an intellectual, spiritual, or physical Dome Head can use the abilities the Dome Head confers on them, for what could be described as evil or criminal activities.

A collection of Dome Head examples is included for study. There are examples of Dome Headed human beings who could be described as “bad” people among the pictures. The motivated individual might try to figure out on their own, which type of Dome Head each example picture shows, and whether or not the example seems like a good, neutral, or bad human being.

Deciding if the Dome Head is good, neutral, or bad would be using Phrenology. You are only looking at the features of the head to decide if the person is good, neutral, or bad.


  1. so what head am I suppose to be born with? A circle head? These people were born like that. You can’t really tell if they masturbated or not.

    1. There are different types of head that are “acceptable” or “normal”.

      “You can’t really tell if they masturbated or not. ”

      I can tell if these people masturbate. It is actually very easy.

      The head is not solid. The head is made of the bone of the skull covered by muscles, tendons, and other organic material. Masturbation will shrink the organic material of the head in certain patterns based on how the human body is constructed.

      All I or anyone else has to do is look for the shrunken patterns on someone’s head to tell if they masturbate or not.

      I do not know if you have looked around the website, but there are other activities associated with the same kinds of head changes that masturbation causes. Excessive Sex, Excessive Exercise, Anorexia, Homosexuality, Snorting of Drugs, and Injecting of Drugs all cause similar types of changes to the head.

      Diagnosing people does not really become more complex by adding those additional categories of activities. All you have to do is know something about the people.

      If you see a head and you say to yourself “that is a head changed by masturbation”, you are right in the sense that you recognize the head changes, and those changes are associated with masturbation. To verify you are right you find out if the person is a sports star for instance. If they are a sports star and they have masturbation caused changes to their head, it is probably more likely the changes are Excessive Exercise changes instead of masturbation changes.

      If you look at a woman and you say to yourself “Those are masturbation changes on her head”, you then need to judge whether or not she is so thin she is Anorexic. If she was, the conclusion would be changed to Anorexia caused changes instead of Masturbation caused changes.

  2. so what head am I suppose to be born with? A circle head? These people were born like that. You can’t really tell if they masturbated or not.

  3. in your link below eric schum…he shows photos of slanted foreheads short neck guys but all are big and round Wanderlei Silva above dont have the slight slanted too …

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