Some Human Beings Are Evolved From Dinosaurs

The skull above was discovered in Central America somewhere. The face has a human like look to it. The skull is not considered to be human because of it’s size. The skull is much larger than the skull of modern human beings.

The official explanation that is put forth about this skull is that the size of the skull is the result of the purposeful deformation of a normal human skull. The official explanation is that mothers tied boards to the heads of their children to force the skull to grow backwards like that.

That explanation is silly.

Even if the mothers did tie a board to the head of the child to force it backwards, how does that account for the sheer size of the skull? A human skull is not that big. If someone used a computer to simulate tying a board to a human skull to make it grow backwards, the human skull might be half as long as the skull above. Maybe.

According to Happeh Theory, the skull in the picture above is most likely the skull of some kind of dinosaur. Because I am an open minded person, and there is no way to prove one way or the other, I am open to the suggestion that the skull is of alien origin.

It really doesn’t matter though.

Whether the skull is a dinosaur skull or an alien skull is a topic for an entertaining imaginative kind of discussion. This discussion is about the fact that some human beings evolved from whatever kind of creature the skull in the picture above belonged to.

Why should you believe the claims of Happeh Theory? Why should you believe that some modern human beings evolved from whatever creatures the skull above belonged to?

You shouldn’t. You should not believe me or the claims of Happeh Theory. You should believe the evidence of your own eyes.

This page compares the large skull above and the human skull as shown in the picture below. There is some intriguing photo manipulation in this section that might surprise you.

This link leads to a page with comparisons between the large skull and the skulls of living human beings. The photo manipulation in this section might also be eye opening to you.

The two examples above used a profile view of the human skull for comparison. Although there is not a front view of the dinosaur skull available, a relatively accurate idea of what it looks like can be seen in the profile picture. The appearance would be of something smooth and wide that was long from front to rear. There are also human beings that have skulls that are smooth and wide, and look long from front to rear. An example is shown below.

The head looks curved from side to side like the dinosaur skull. The human skull looks long from front to back like the dinosaur skull. In addition to being curved from side to side, the human skull looks wide from side to side. Another example is shown below.

The man’s skull looks curved like a half moon from side to side, and the skull is wide from side to side. It is difficult to tell both because of the camera angle and because of the hair, but the human being’s head also looks long from front to back.

This page contains more examples like the ones above. And something to think about that might blow your mind.

Other than the fact that you might go into shock when the reality of this information hits you, what good is it? Knowing that some human beings are evolved from that skull on the left in the picture above might be spooky or awe inspiring, but does it have any practical value?

Yes it does.

The skull of a human being or the skull of the creature on the left is designed to be upright and level. Neither skull should tilt or rotate in any direction. Examination of any part of either skull would tell the observer if it was level with no tilt or rotation. Or, just one location could be focused on. If that one location changed in any way by tilting, rotating etc, then of course the entire skull must have moved also.

According to Happeh Theory, the dinosaur skull can be and is used for the purpose of either determining the proper positioning of the skull, or in training the skull to assume the proper spatial orientation in relation to the body. The cap at the rear of the skull is the area that is especially useful for this purpose.

According to Happeh Theory, if this cap on the rear of the skull is trained properly, the head or skull will both be properly oriented in relation to the body, and the head will be trained to develop in a way that will result in the person becoming a superior kind of person.

This link leads to a discussion of one of the real world uses of the knowledge that some human beings are evolved from the creature with the large skull.

This idea that knowledge that some human beings evolved from the creature with that large skull is not just a claim by Happeh Theory. It is a real world fact known and put to use by people around the world.

The Jewish people are one group of people who know that human beings evolved from the dinosaur skull, and use that knowledge to ensure that their people grow into superior people who are stronger and better than other people.

What is the basis of this claim? The Kippa or skullcap. The skull cap is an item of clothing worn by Jewish people exactly on the cap of the back of their head.

As you can see in the picture above, the skullcap, the black object on the back of the head, exactly covers the cap at the back of the head. The cap which, if extended to the rear, makes the human skull look like the dinosaur skull. Here is a comparison picture.

Here is the picture with the line extended outwards from the boundaries of the skullcap.

The next picture has a skull cap drawn on the dinosaur to show how the end of it’s skull looks almost exactly like a skullcap does.

The red outline enclosing the rear of the dinosaur skull looks almost exactly like the skullcap on the back of the human beings head.

According to Happeh Theory, by placing the skullcap on the rear of the head like on the man in the picture, the human body is subtly stimulated to grow that area of the head. The head is stimulated to grow properly by the circular shape of the skull cap. The circular skullcap exerts a subtle influence on the skull that causes it to try to attain the same circular shape.

The Jewish people are not the only human beings who know that they are descended from the creature with the skull on the left. Muslim people also know this fact. What is astounding is that they have done the exact same thing the jewish people did. They invented a head covering that would encourage the human body to grow the area at the back of the skull in the proper way.

The Muslim head covering is called a Fez. A fez is shown in the picture below.

The Fez is just the reddish hat with the tassel in the picture. The wooden part is the stand-in for the human head.

What is so mind boggling about the Fez is that is is basically a replica of the back of that creatures skull! A human head with the Fez placed on it properly looks like the skull of that creature!

The Fez in the picture above is not placed properly. The Fez is sitting so it is pointing vertically upward instead of pointing to the rear. The man in the picture below is wearing a Fez the way it is supposed to be worn.

The Fez in the picture above is at the same angle as the large rear projection on the skull of the dinosaur. The human head with the Fez on it in the picture above looks like the dinosaur skull.

To make the comparison exact, the only thing that needs to be done is to change the blunted cone end of the Fez into a rounded end like the dinosaur skull.

These examples can be found in many cultures located all over the planet. There is a religion called Rastafarianism that I believe originated in Jamaica. Jamaica is in the Caribbean ocean. The Jewish skullcap and the Muslim fez were both invented in northern Africa.

It is common for the practitioners of Rastafariansim to wear a hat like the one shown below.

Here is a comparison between the hat above and the dinosaur head.

The hat raises up at the rear on a diagonal like the dinosaur head.

Here is a comparison between the dinosaur head and the hat on a human head.

The resemblance in this picture is very close. The normal human face appears to have a large cylindrical skull that angles upwards like the dinosaur skull.

Another example

The picture above has the same angled upwards head.


  1. Happeh my question is do jewish people rule the world and are superior in their learning and focus ability just and only because they wear A kippah?

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