Comparison of Dinosaur/Alien Skull and Human Head – 01

According to Happeh Theory, human beings evolved from dinosaurs. Or aliens.

The basis of that claim is the skull in the picture below.

This blog entry compares the skull above to the skulls of living human beings.

The first example is between the skull above and a woman.

The reader should be able to see the similarities between the two skulls on their own. Both skulls appear to point up towards the rear. They both have a longish look to them. In the picture below, an outline similar to the skull of the dinosaur is drawn on the woman to help emphasize the similarity between her skull and the dinosaur skull.

Next is a comparison between a white male and the dinosaur skull.

The shape of the skull of the white male is not so obvious. There is an undeniable up towards the rear angle to the rear of the head. The rear of the head is very short compared to the dinosaur skull or the skull of the woman above. The next picture has the large outline at the rear of the skull to emphasize the resemblance.

The next picture is another comparison of a white male with the dinosaur skull.

Here is the picture of the man above with the outline extending the back of his skull.

This picture is interesting and useful. Examination of the rear of this human being’s head shows that the rear of it appears to be large and full. It is almost cylindrical looking like the cylindrical looking dinosaur skull. Compare the skull of the human being in the picture above with the other white male skull.

The rear of the skull on the left is clearly smaller than the rear of the skull on the right. The skull on the left appears to be more rounded like the end of an egg, while the skull on the right looks more rectangular. Regardless of the difference in size or geometric shape, both skulls look similar to the dinosaur skull.

The difference in the skulls above, according to Happeh Theory, is development. The skull of the man on the right looks bigger and rectangular because his body is more developed and stronger than the skull of the man on the left. The rounded and smallish nature of the skull of the man on the left can be likened to the skull of a child that needs to grow up and fill out his body.

Here is a comparison picture between the three living human being skulls and the dinosaur skull.

Although they of course do not look exactly identical, the similarities are close enough to buttress the claim by Happeh Theory that the living human beings in the picture are descendents of whatever creature had the skull in the bottom of the picture.


  1. It is not just the hair. Her head has an elongated oblong shape like the “alien” skull.

    If you wish to disagree you might want to wait or do some investigation on your own. I have other skull pictures just like hers. She is not the only one with an elongated oblong skull. Or you can look around yourself and you will find elongated oblong skull pictures on your own.

  2. Sorry but your info is wrong here, These are just human skull that were trained to grow differently, Look at the skull, The head slops back at the top of the eye sockets. And in the images of the normal humans, they have a forehead, you show the drawing of the head sloping back at the top of the forehead which is wrong

      1. Sleeping pattern when a baby moulds the head shape … The skulls are soft … Thats why its important to turn babies from side to side … Laying them on their back always will form the flatness at the back of the skull … And true … The aliens eyes are ontop of its skull … Not placed central to the front as with people …

  3. The woman’s head looks like that due to her hair. The “dinosaur” skull is due to skull wrapping. The ancients would wrap a child’s skull to elongate it to appear like the skull of the ‘gods.’ Or in other words to resemble the look of aliens.

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