The Daily Insight – 8-24-09 – Beauty Queen Has Strong Yin

The picture below shows a previous beauty queen presenting the new beauty queen with a ribbon.

The body of the new beauty queen exhibits strong Yin development. What observations support that conclusion?

The mouth of the new beauty queen is open very wide.

A large mouth or the ability to open the mouth very wide is a sign of a strong Yin part of the body.

The fingers of the right hand of the new beauty queen are pulled very far backwards.

They are also bent in an odd sort of way that is characteristic of using the Yin part of the body to move them.

Another piece of evidence supporting the claim the woman has a relatively strongly developed Yin part of the body is the fact she is from the country of Venezuela. In general, the citizens of countries of Central and South America will all be people who have a relatively strong Yin part of the body, and use the Yin part of their body to accomplish their daily tasks.

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