The Daily Insight – 7-26-09 – Muslim Boy’s Large Forehead And Phrenology

Sometime during the 1800’s a new science called “Phrenology” was invented. Phrenologists claimed the overall shape of the human head and the presence of various landmarks on it affected or influenced the personality of a human being.

The claims of the Phrenologists were eventually “discredited”, and Phrenology was dismissed as worthless by the established medical community. The author of this blog believes that was purposefully done by evil people whose desire is physically and mentally weaken other human beings so they pose no threat to the Forces Of Evil.

The author of this blog is not educated enough in the field of Phrenology to know if all of the claims of Phrenologists are accurate or not. It is highly likely there are some claims that are inaccurate and false. Those examples though do not discredit the entire science of Phrenology.

According to the author of this blog, while there may be areas or claims of the science of Phrenology that are incorrect, the main claims of Phrenology are accurate. The shape of the head and the presence of landmarks on different areas of the head are related to the mentality, personality, and intellectual ability of a human being.

That claim is so easy to prove that it is quite astonishing the Forces Of Evil were able to convince the world the claims of Phrenology are incorrect. A simple example proving the basic claims of Phrenology are accurate is present in this blog entry, which is based on the following picture.

Please take a moment to examine the picture and form an impression of it. The picture shows a Muslim man carrying a boy on his shoulders. The Muslim boy has large and well rounded forehead, doesn’t he?

A large rounded forehead is commonly found in what can be called “An Elevated Human Being”, or a human being that is physically and mentally strong. That is a Phrenological observation. The shape of the forehead, large and rounded, is associated with the mental strength and mental powers, which are part of the “mentality” of a human being, as well as being associated with strong Yin development of the body. Strong Yin development of the body is usually accompanied by a relatively calm and placid attitude, which would be part of the personality of a human being.

A corroborating observation about the picture that helps confirm that a large rounded head is related to a strong mentality is the way the young body is focusing his eyes on the camera. The young boy’s gaze is unflinchingly focused on the camera as if he were an adult.

Some readers may feel that one picture is not enough to support any claim at all, much less the claims of this blog about Phrenology. The next picture shows a Korean girl with a large rounded forehead.

The reader might have noticed that while the forehead of the Korean girl is large and rounded, it looks different from the large rounded forehead of the Muslim boy.

Despite that difference, the Korean girl should still have the strong mental development and mental powers associated with a large round forehead. An observation that supports that claim is the fact the girl is in the front row of a dance class. The girl must have some above average amount of physical and mental strength simply to be part of a dance class, and the fact she is in the front row points towards the conclusion that the adults teaching the class feel she has some of the strongest physical and mental development of all of the children in the class.

One explanation for the difference between the large rounded forehead of the Muslim boy and the large rounded forehead of the Korean girl, could be that the Korean girl is a native of a country whose culture has been influenced by Yin Yang Theory. It is possible that either purposeful training in exercises based on Yin Yang Theory, or exposure to adults whose bodies have been influenced by Yin Yang Theory are responsible for the smoother looking large round forehead of the Korean girl.

The next example picture shows an African boy with a large rounded forehead.

The African boy’s forehead looks almost exactly like the Muslim boy’s forehead.

 Since the African boy has the same large rounded head as the Muslim boy he should also be mentally strong. Observations supporting that claim are the way the young boy has authoritatively spread his arms and legs wide as if to stop the photographer, an act which seems much more fitting to a mentally strong adult.

The eyes of the African boy are also strongly focused on the photographer, which is the act of a human being who is self assured and strong.

Some readers will likely want to attribute the look of the foreheads of the three example children to genetics. While it is true that genetics played some part in the look of the three children, it is the claim of this author that the foreheads of the children are much more strongly influenced by their upbringing and the people they have been exposed to during their lives.


Another observation that supports the ideas presented in this blog entry can be found in the picture of the Muslim man and boy.

The bulging foreheads of the Korean girl, the African boy, and the Muslim boy, were said to be the result of strong Yin development of the body. One of the common phenomenon of life is that when something gets old, it shrink..  That common phenomenon implies the large rounded head of a young individual with a strong Yin part of the body would shrink, if a large rounded head really is connected to the strength of the Yin part of the body.

Here is the picture of the Muslim man and boy again.

The old man’s head looks flatter and it is lined in comparison to the boy’s forehead, as it would be expected to be if the look of the forehead is related to the strength of the Yin part of the body.

The difference in forehead sizes also supports the claims of Phrenology. It is common sense that a young boy and an old man will have different mentalities and personalities. Instead of attributing those differences to ephemeral and unexplained “age related phenomenon”, or genetics, or some kind of chemical interactions as a Western scientist would do, those changes can be attributed to something easily seen and understood by most people.

The size and shape of the head.

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