The Daily Insight – 7-24-09 – Death Pose Of Frozen Dead Guy Supports Claims Of Happeh Theory

The man in the picture was caught in an avalanche and froze to death.

The posture of the man’s body supports the claims of Happeh Theory. According to Happeh Theory, the human body is one big connected piece. The picture supports that claim.

One way to visualize what is going on here is to use the Happeh Theory concept of the human body as a pressure vessel. According to Happeh Theory, the human body behaves as if it is pressure vessel. That is a fancy way of saying the human body behaves as if it is one of those blow up people that are sold as sex toys.

A pressure vessel must be inflated from some point. For the purposes of this blog entry, that inflation point will be treated as the heart. According to the pressure vessel concept of the human body, the heart behaves like an air pump that pumps up the body and makes it fill out and stand up straight.

When a pressure vessel loses pressure naturally, it loses air pressure through the inlet where the pressure was initially pumped in. That would mean that if the human body lost pressure, it should lose pressure through the heart.

The posture of the dead man’s body supports that idea. The dead man’s body looks as if it has collapsed in towards his heart, as it should look if the pressure vessel view of the human body was correct, and the pressure of the dead man’s body drained out through his heart.

The next picture has a circle approximately where the man’s heart would be.

The man’s legs are pulled up towards the heart.

His left arm has moved towards his heart.

His right hand has moved over to rest directly on his heart.

And the right side of his face has moved down towards the heart, which also rotated the head to the left.

The man’s entire body looks like it has contracted in towards his heart, like a balloon,

contracts towards it’s inlet when the air is let out of the balloon,

The deflated balloon that remains after the air escapes,

would be the equivalent of the man’s “deflated” heart that is left behind after his life leaves his body.


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