The Daily Insight – 7-23-09 – The Body Of A Man Pulling An Overloaded Cart Is Strongly Developed According To Yin Yang Principles

The example picture shows a man pulling a cart overloaded with recyclable material. How is it the man is able to pull that cart? He seems to be an average looking man. He does not look like he is a weightlifter or display any of the other usual signs of strength. It does not seem possible the man should be able to pull the cart.

According to the author of this blog, the man can pull the cart because his body has been strongly developed according to Yin Yang principles. Development of the Yin part of his body gives him a strength much larger than his size and appearance would indicate. What evidence is there that supports the conclusion the man’s strength is due to the development of the Yin part of his body?

The only piece of evidence available from this picture is that the man is an Asian man. Yin Yang Theory was created in Asia, so all Asian cultures have been influenced by the principles of Yin Yang Theory. That influence extends to the bodies of the citizens of those countries. Simply by being born a citizen in an Asian country will develop the Yin part of the body in those growing children.

Accepting the man has a strongly developed Yin part of the body will have to depend mainly on the reader accepting how truly astounding it is for an average man like the one in the picture to pull the load he is pulling.

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