The Daily Insight – 7-23-09 – Posture Of Orthodox Jew Demonstrates Awareness Of The Yin Part Of The Body

Yin Yang Theory is a theory that was developed in Asia centuries ago. According to Yin Yang Theory, everything in the universe can be described in terms of Yin and Yang. Yang is defined as “relatively hard”, while Yin is defined as “relatively soft”. Since the human body is an object in the universe, it can be described in terms of Yin and Yang.

A human body can be Yang dominant, which will cause to to behave in a certain way and have a certain appearance. A human body can also be Yin dominant, which is associated with an entirely different set of behaviors and a different bodily overall bodily appearance.

According to Happeh Theory, people all over the world are aware of the bodily differences between Yin and Yang bodies. That knowledge is not limited to the Asian countries where Yin Yang Theory was created. The people of those other cultures of course have there own nomenclature to describe what Yin Yang Theory describes, but the bodily appearance and behavior of Yin or Yang dominant people in those cultures is still the same, because human bodies are the same no matter what culture they are a part of.

The pose of the man’s body in the picture below indicates he is consciously or unconsciously aware of the knowledge that is contained within Yin Yang Theory, because his body pose is one of those commonly made by a human body developed in the way described by Yin Yang Theory.

The picture was labeled “A Man Who Is Worshiping”. Worshiping is associated with religion, which in turn is associated with a strong mind, a strong body, and strong moral character. Those traits corroborate the claim the man’s body is strongly developed in the way described by Yin Yang Theory, and that the pose he is holding is emblematic of a body strongly developed according to Yin Yang principles.

What is it about the man’s posture that is indicative of strong body development according to Yin Yang principles? One observation is that his arms are spread wide outwards.

By spreading his arms wide the man forms a large triangle.

Forming that triangle as part of his “prayer” ritual will strengthen the upper part of the man’s body, his head, and all of the organs in his head, especially including the brain.

The man is also leaning backwards as he stretches his arms wide.

Leaning backwards induces a curving of the back from the tailbone up to the head.

The curving of the back and head will stretch the spine, all of the organs in the torso and head, and the brain.

The man is also leaning his head back during his “prayer’ ritual, as indicated by the high brim of his hat.

While the original title of the picture is “A Man Who Is Worshiping, the previous series of observations and accompanying graphics have shown the picture could also be titled “Religious Man Performs Holy Calisthenics To Develop His Mind And Body According To Yin Yang Principles”.

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