The Daily Insight – 6-28-09 – Comparison of The Yin Qualities of A Group Of Korean Children

The picture below shows a group of Korean children

Some of the children display strong Yin development and some of the children display weak Yin development. Determining which is which in many cases can be decided by common sense. Any child that displays obvious physical differences from the norm, or any child who seems to be behaving in an odd way will usually be a child with weak Yin development.

For instance. The child on the far right is standing on the sides of her feet,

 her body is facing towards the camera while her eyes are look to her left

 and her arms are hanging downwards.

 All of those observations indicate the child has relatively weak yin development.

The head of the child in the middle of the picture seems to be misshapen

 and her eyes are looking downwards.

 A less obvious example of weak Yin would be the child on the far left. Her head is looking off to her right,

 and her left arm is slightly behind her right arm and slightly rotated towards the center of her body.


 The next picture indicates two children who would have moderately strong Yin in this group of human beings.

 Both children are holding their bells up which would be an indicator of Yin strength.

 but the right side of the head of the girl in the back is smaller than the left side

 and the angular look of the face and the turning in of the right foot of the girl in the front

 are all indicators of unfulfilled Yin development.

There are two children in the picture who would be examples of strong Yin development. The child second from the right is holding both of her bells together in front of her.

 which is a sign of the balance between the right and left sides of her body.

The child’s face also looks full or fatty, and her eyes indicate she is somewhere else. A look frequently found in the eyes of human beings with strong Yin.

 For those people who know how Yin development in human beings looks, in the interest of being thorough, if you feel you see signs in the body of the child second from the right indicating the child has incomplete Yin development, I would agree that there might be some signs indicating she needs more balancing of the Yin in her body.

The child exhibiting the strongest Yin would be the child third from the left.

 This example is common sense in some ways. The child third from the left dominates the photograph. Her eyes or attention appears to be directly focused on whoever is leading the children.

 Her face also has the characteristic chubby or fatty look of strong Yin development.

 The child is also holding her bells flat in the palms of her hands.

 Holding her bells like that indicates strong Yin development, or possibly someone has trained her that she should hold things like that. The young age of the child would lead to the most likely possibility being the natural strong Yin nature of her body making her feel more comfortable holding the bells like that.

It could be argued that this child has weak Yin development, because the right side of her face is slightly wrong, and her left arm is behind her right arm.

Even though the child third from the left might need to balance the Yin development in her body more, the child still exhibits stronger Yin overall than any other child in the photograph.

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