The Daily Insight – 6-26-09 – Refrigerator On Man’s Back Only Possible Because Of Strong Yin Development

The example picture shows a man carrying a small refrigerator on his back. The man presents an unremarkable appearance. He looks like an everyday kind of man anywhere around the world. And yet he is jauntily walking down the road smoking a cigarette with a large metal refrigerator on his back.

How is it possible that such an ordinary looking man can carry a refrigerator on his back? According to the author of this blog, the man can carry a refrigerator on his back because he has a strongly developed Yin part of the body. 

Explaining exactly what “a strongly developed Yin part of the body” is to someone who does not know anything about Yin Yang Theory, and/or does not already know about how different areas of the body can be labeled Yin or Yang, is not possible in a short space like this blog entry. All that can be done is point out some observations about the man’s body that are usually associated with a strong Yin part of the body

The man’s arms are crossed over each other in front of his body.

The man could be allowing his arms to swing free. Or he could have them his hands in his pockets. But he has chosen to cross them in the way shown in the picture. That is because crossing the arms like that helps connect and strengthen the Yin part of the body.

( It is important to keep in mind that crossing the arms like that will only connect and support the body of an individual who has a strongly developed Yin part of the body. If someone who does not have a strongly developed Yin part of the body crosses their arms like the man in the picture, their body will not become connected and stronger in the same way the man’s body does. Their body does not have the required internal connections to connect the entire body and arms together. )

Another observation supporting the conclusion the man has a strongly developed Yin part of the body is the fact his head is angled to his left.

The man is turning his head as a reaction to the pressure the refrigerator is placing on his body. The pressure of the refrigerator travels throughout the man’s connected body. That pressure forces parts of the body to move to the position where they are strongest. The body of the man in the picture is strongest when his head is turned off to his left.

But why does the pressure of the refrigerator force the man’s head to his left? Why not the right? Why doesn’t the man look up or down?

Because of the way the Yin part of the man’s body has developed, his head must turn off to his left when it is under extreme pressure. Understanding why the man’s head is turned exactly the way it is and presents exactly the appearance it does is beyond the scope of this blog entry.

The strongly developed Yin part of the man’s body even influences the way he smokes a cigarette. The cigarette the man is smoking is pointing out of the right side of his mouth down to the right.

That is because it is laying in a “groove” that created as the Yin part of his body became strongly developed. The path of that groove is approximately along the line in the next picture.

How is a “groove” like that created in the human body? That straight line is actually part of a circle that surrounds the body at that location.

The straight line is also the base of a dome that is located as shown in the next picture.

It should be easier to comprehend how a groove could appear at the indicated part of the man’s body if the fact that the circle and the circular base of the dome both travel completely around the part of the body where the groove has appeared.

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