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According to Happeh Theory, the human race is de evolving. The human race in general, is becoming less than it once was.

In the past, human beings in general were physical strong and healthy, which conferred a strong mind and strong mental powers on them. As history has progressed, human beings have in general become less physically fit, which means they are mentally weaker and their mental powers, if they have any, are weaker also.

According to Happeh Theory, the de evolution of human beings in the country of The United States of America, accelerated sometime during the 50s or 60’s. According to Happeh Theory, a malevolent force purposefully began a program to accelerate the de evolution of people in The United States of America.

Part of that program would include holding up role models to the public, who were physically and mentally unfit. Physically and mentally unfit individuals would be presented to the public, and the public would be told that if they emulated these people, they would receive the fame and fortune these physically and mentally unfit people had.

The United States of America elected a new president in 1961 whose name was John F Kennedy. John F Kennedy succeeded the previous president whose name was Dwight Eisenhower.

According to Happeh Theory, the new president John F Kennedy, was one of the physically or mentally unfit people who was held up to the public as a person to be emulated.

Dwight Eisenhower was a war hero and had a reputation that would be expected of a war hero. John F Kennedy had a reputation as an adulterer and a person involved with scandal. American history practically idolizes John F Kennedy, while barely mentioning Dwight Eisenhower the war hero.

The claim by Happeh Theory that John F Kennedy was one of the physically and mentally unfit people that was presented to the public for them to emulate, is based on something much more concrete than their reputations.

The picture below shows Dwight Eisenhower on the left, with John F Kennedy on the right.

Please take a moment to examine both men and form an impression of them.

According to Happeh Theory, Dwight Eisenhower is an example of a healthy and strong type of human being, whose physical development gives him strong mental development and possible mental powers. John F Kennedy is an example of a less physically developed human being, whose lack of physical development means his mental development is on a similar low level, and who probably has weak mental powers, if any at all.

What is it about the two men that allows those type of conclusions to be made?

Please examine the head of Eisenhower. The head of Eisenhower is large and appears filled out. Eisenhowers forehead is very large and appears circular or spherical, which is a sign of strong mental development and possible mental powers.

Now examine the head of Kennedy. The head of Kennedy is angular and does not appear to be as well formed as the head of Eisenhower. Although part of Kennedy’s forehead is obscured by his hair, what can be seen of his forehead does not look as large as Kennedy’s forehead.

The picture below compares both of the previous pictures, with a line around the head of Eisenhower to try and emphasize the well formed look his head has compared to the head of Kennedy.

According to Happeh Theory, by presenting John F Kennedy as president of the United States of America, a man whose angular and mishapen head indicates physical and mental weakness, as a person that the citizens of The United States of America should emulate, malevolent forces were subtly influencing the citizens of The United States of America to purposefully of their own accord, change themselves into physically and mentally weak individuals, like the physically and mentally weak president Kennedy they were emulating.

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