The Daily Insight – 11-23-08 – Masturbation Effects On The Human Body

There is a show on TV that has men fighting for a professional contract. One of the episodes of this show showed one of the men going into the bathroom where he masturbated. That fact means it is reasonable to say that this particular man is a masturbator. He masturbated in front of the entire world on TV.

According to Happeh Theory, masturbation will make a human being blind and crippled, as well as causing other changes to the human body.

Because this man is a fighter and his body is in good shape, the changes that masturbation caused to his body are mostly clear and easy to see, even to the untrained eye. The following pictures show the masturbating man from the TV show and point out how masturbation has changed his body.

( EDIT: A reader questioned whether or not something else other than Masturbation could be responsible for the changes in the example individual’s body. Excessive Exercise can cause the same body changes that masturbation does. As this man is a professional fighter, the changes to his body are a mixture of both causes )

It is necessary to keep in mind that his training as a fighter will also change his body in certain ways. Some of these changes will be intermixed with the masturbation caused changes.

It takes expertise to know if a human body has been changed by masturbation. Examining this one example is not going to make anyone an expert in spotting masturbation changes to a human body. Please do not take the information in this blog entry and use it to make a judgement about any other human body. You cannot gain the skill from this one blog entry to make those kinds of judgements.


Masturbation moved the center point on the top of his head to his left.

The right side of his chin is rounded, while the left side of his chin is straight.

The point of the chin has moved slightly to his right.

A line drawn through the head and chin points show that masturbation has made his head rotate to his left.

The right side of his neck has a tight look to it, while the left side of the neck looks smooth.

The right Trapezius looks dented and curvy, while the left Trapezius looks mostly straight

The right chest looks smaller than the left chest.

Pay special attention to this one. The upper arm on the right side looks smaller, a different shape, and shrunken, compared to the upper left arm.

Why pay special attention to the shoulders? Because the shoulders should be straight and square with the hips, as shown next.

Because the right shoulder is smaller, the square is going to be slanted and distorted.

One of the Knowledge of Science is useful to a Kung Fu man articles talked about how important body alignment was. That article discussed how misalignment of the body saps your power, because power gets lost or drained in the misaligned parts of the body.

Because this man’s shoulders are not square, his punches and kicks are not going to go where he thinks they should. When he throws a punch or kick with what he thinks is a square body, the punch or kick is really going to the left or right because his body is crooked.

So maybe he punches for the jaw, but he hits the side of the head. Or he punches for the nose and hits the eye instead, because he thinks his arm is going straight, but the crooked shoulder makes the arm go crooked.


All human beings will show deviations in their body. Some deviations of the body will be a natural consequence of whatever physical activity that body is engaged in. A human being can learn to work with the deviations in their body. This man could learn where the new center for his right shoulder is, and train to throw punches from that new center.

It takes experience to know if bodily deviations are masturbation or sexual caused. Just because you see someone whose body shows deviations, don’t start saying they masturbate because maybe something else caused the body deviations.

The body deviations in this man are consistent with right hand masturbation. Because we saw him masturbate on the TUF show, it is reasonable to claim that he is a masturbator.

Any of you that masturbate a lot with your right hand, can look forward to your body changing like this man’s body has changed.


  1. This is ridiculous. I jerk off to Hitomi Tanaka movies and my own comments on The Globe and Mail and my body looks nothing like this. Leftist nonsense, from and for shiny ponies.

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