Nov 082008

According to Happeh Theory there are no coincidences. Everything is connected because they have to be. There are certain laws that everything in the universe must obey, and because everything in the universe obeys that same set of laws, everything is connected.

The fun part is seeing if you are smart enough to see the connections around you.

You never know when you might spot a connection between things. You will always know when you do spot a connection between things though, because your mind will be stunned for a second or two. Whenever the mind sees a connection it never saw before, it will just stop. The person will go slack jawed or glazed eyed as their mind mulls over this startling and mind boggling connection it just witnessed.

Here is an overhead cutaway view of a human brain.

Take a minute or two to examine the brain on your own. Do you see any kind of connections between the brain and anything at all from your life experience? There might be lots of connections between the brain and your life experience. Is there any connection that seems startling or stunning?

If you look at the brain for awhile, you might see a pair of hands in it.

Then if you look some more, and think logically about what is connected to a pair of hands, you might see a body and face.

If you continued to look and continued to think logically, you might see hair on top of the heads of the faces.

Then, if you kept on looking, and you had some life experience with either religion, or maybe science fiction or fantasy movies, you might see some wings.

There are no coincidences. Why does the brain look like two angels kissing?

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