Nov 052008

Yin Yang Theory is a theory that was invented in Asian hundreds of years ago. According to Yin Yang Theory, everything in the universe can be described in terms of Yin and Yang. Yang is defined as relatively hard, while Yang is defined as relatively soft.

Many people believe that Yin and Yang are philosophical words that have no meaning in the real physical world. That belief is wrong. Yin Yang Theory can be applied to the human body for health purposes and for many other reasons. For example, the picture below plainly shows Yin and Yang parts of the human body.

Do you know what is being referred to? There is nothing difficult, mystical, or magical about it. If you look at the picture while keeping in mind that Yang is hard while Yin is soft, what is there about either of the two human bodies in the picture that clearly displays those characteristics? 

The part of the woman’s arm outlined in the next picture is the Yang part of the arm.

Doesn’t the outlined part of the arm have a hardened, muscular look to it?

The part of the arm outlined in the next picture is the Yin part of the arm.

Doesn’t that part of the arm look soft and fleshy? Like it is hanging off of the hard part of the arm above it?

Yin Yang Theory is that easy to understand. 

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