The Daily Insight – 10-27-08 – Possession Is A High Level Kung Fu Ability

Possession, the ability of one human being to influence or outright control the body of another human being, is a high level kung fu ability. Possession works through what are called “forces” by physicists. One human being transmits forces from their body into another body where they override the forces the owner of that body is using to control it. 

Why is Possession a high level Kung Fu ability?

How would you fight a person who could take control of your body? All they have to do is make you sit down against your will. How can you fight if you are sitting down? Or they can influence your body during an actual fight in ways that benefit them.

What follows is an anecdotal story about the power of possession. 


One upon a time there was a man living next to an Asian family. They didn’t know each other besides waving when going to the cars for work.

The Asian family had two children, a boy and a girl. The children were young when the two families first started living next to each other. Years went by and the children grew up. The boy became old enough to drive a car, and his parents bought him a car.

Once the boy got a car, he and his friends would hang out in front of the house. There might be 5 cars parked out front with the boy and his friends hanging around talking. It was an annoyance because the neighborhood had been so quiet when the boy was young. Now he and his gang of friends were ruining the entire neighborhood with their loud talking, loud cars, and racing up and down the street.

That gave the guy living next to the Asian boy a bad attitude. He was predisposed to be negative towards the Asian boy, because the Asian boy and his loud friends interfered with a quiet and comfortable home life.

One day the Asian boy and his friends pull up and are out in front of the house. They are being loud and annoying so the attention of the man is on the noise outside. The man then hears a loud “BASH” that sounded distinctly sounded like something hitting a car.

The man gets up to look out his window. One of the friends of the boy next door has a basketball, and he had slammed the basketball against the man’s car. Because the man was already unhappy with the boys because of the annoyance they were, he became very angry. The man stopped looking out the window and stood in his living room quietly. The man promised himself that if he heard that basketball hit the car again, he was going to kick ass.

BANG! There goes the basketball against the car. The man looked out the window and there was the ball rolling away from the car. One of the boys saw the man. He told the other ones “That guy is coming out here”.

The man went outside ready to beat the shit out of little punks who think it is funny to bounce a basketball off of someone’s car. The man was furious and some boys were going to be in real trouble.

The man headed straight at the boys in a fighting posture with fists clenched. The man made it to within about 8 or 10 feet of the boys when for no reason at all, the man said “How would you like it if someone bounced a ball off of your car?”. Then this furious man, in a fighting posture, fists cocked and 8 feet away from hurting someone, turned around and walked back to the house.

When the man turned around to walk back to the house, he noticed the neighbor’s garage door was open. The boy’s father and another man were in the garage and had watched the entire event.

The man then continued storming back to his house. About halfway to the door the man shook himself as if waking up and he said to himself, “What am I doing going back to the house? The man had walked out to kick ass, he was prepared for whatever happened fighting 5 boys, and for no reason at all, he had turned around and gone back to his house.

It took awhile, but the man finally figured it out. The father had sensed the rage and violence in the man, he knew the there was a chance the man was seriously going to hurt the fathers son, so the father possessed the body of the man, turned him around, and sent him back to his house.

The man never even knew what happened until he was halfway back to the house.

The father then went out and started yelling at the boys in Chinese. The man didn’t know if he was telling the boys they were bad, or if the father was telilng the boys he had just saved their ass from a white man insane with rage.

It didn’t really matter then, because the man had made a discovery that would change his life.

Even though the man had trained kung fu for years, and even though the man felt he could at least put the hurt on an opponent if not beat them, the man was forced to admit that there were people in this world that could beat him without laying a finger on him. There were people in this world that could possess his body against his will, and make the man do anything they wanted. Anything.

The man’s life changed completely after that. Instead of wasting time on physical practice which did not protect him, the man began to investigate Asian kung fu, to try and learn how to protect himself from people who could possess him and make him dance like a puppet.


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