The Daily Insight – 10-3-08 – African Dancing And Hand Gesture Insults

 The link below leads to an African Dance video located at YouTube.

African Dance Video

 The African Video showed a group of women dancing. The picture below shows two of the women in the middle of dancing.

Both women have their hand up by their head.

There are a variety of hand gesture insults that involve holding the hand up by the head. Those insults include what Happeh Theory calls “The Sign of the Animal”,

and “The Sign Of The Small Penis,

as will as the common insult known as “The Sign Of The Loser”.

The insult each of those hand gestures is meant to convey is that the target of the insult is deficient in some way. A healthy human being has two arms that they can fully control. The raised arm of each insulting hand gesture mocks the fact the deficient individual cannot control one of their arms. One of their arms will exhibit a tendency to raise up by the head without any conscious effort on the part of the deficient person. It is like the arm has a mind of it’s own. 

So what is the point of comparing hand gesture insults that mock people whose arms tend to raise up by their heads of their own volition, to dancing women who have their hands up by their head? Is the implication supposed to be that because the woman have their hands up by their heads they have the type of deficient bodies that are the target of the insults known as “The Sign of the Loser”, “The Sign of the Animal”, and “The Sign of the Small Penis”?

No. That is not the point that is trying to be made.

There are a variety of activities that can change a human body to cause one of the arms to start unconsciously raising up to the head by itself when that body is under pressure. Masturbation, Homosexuality, Excessive Sex, Excessive Exercise, Anorexia, Injection Of Drugs, Snorting Of Drugs, and Analytical Thought can all change the body in the way being referred to.

The picture of the women showed them dancing. Dancing is a physical exercise. That would make it most likely the woman tend to raise their hands up by their heads because of Excessive Exercise, and not from any kind of deficiency. The women probably spend hours every day dancing to become as skilled as they are. That constant exercise is “excessive” in the sense that it has given their arms a tendency to raise up by the head.

The next picture shows one of the woman dancers at approximately 1:55 minute into the video.

The following picture shows the same woman at about 2:50 into the video.

Both pictures show her with her hand moving up towards her head. 

A curious and patient individual who can sit and watch the video over and over and over and over again while paying attention to how the women move, might be able to figure out what deep level body change has occurred in the women that gives them the tendency to raise their hands up by their heads. 

That curious person might then consider whether or not that deep level body change is a product of the dancing the women does. If it is, that would imply that whoever designed the dance did so in order to stimulate those particular changes in the body of the dancer. The next question would then be “Why did the creator of the dance fashion it so the dance changes the deep level of the body in the way that it does?”. 

According to the author of this blog, the inventor of the dance fashioned it to change the deep level of the body in the way that it does so that deep level of the body resembles and behaves like what it was when that human body was first created.

An egg.

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