The Daily Insight – 10-1-08 – The God Of Greed Part 02

This post is a continuation of a previous post about the emotion of Greed and the physical changes to the body associated with it.

The picture below shows a representation of the Chinese “God Of Greed”.

The previous post about this picture claimed the God of Greed was created to look the way it does because emotions are linked to physical changes of the body. It was claimed the Asian man who created the statues made them look the way they do because that is how greedy human beings look.

So what are the bodily changes that Asians associate with the emotion of greed?

The statue is looking upwards,

he mouth is turned down at either end,

and the ears are pointy.

What do Asian people know about the human body that tells them a greedy person will tend to look upwards, have a mouth turned down at either end, and pointy looking ears? That question will be answered with another question first.

How does the head look up? A very common response would be “It just looks up”. More detail than that is need in order to understand why Asian people know greedy people have a unique appearance. A more detailed answer might be “the head is tilted upwards by pulling the chin upwards”.

A person who knows something about engineering or anatomy might say the head curves upwards instead of tilting upwards.

Another way to tilt the head upwards presents itself if the laws of physics are considered. One f the laws of physics states “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. That would mean the front of the head could be made to tilt upwards by tilting the back of the head downwards.

 What makes the back of the head go down?

There are a number of different answers to that question. Only one of them explains why the statue looks the way that it does, and what it is that Asian people know that tells them specific emotions change the body in specific ways.

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