The Daily Insight 09-29-08 – An Example of Possession


The man with his hands on the wall is possessed by the guy with his hand on his back. 

That statement might strike you as odd. If it does, you need to ask yourself a question. Why is the man to the rear putting his hand on the back of the man with his hands on the wall? 

Just because?

That is a simple minded response. Nothing happens without a reason. The man with his hands on the wall is not crippled. He does not need assistance standing up, so that is not the reason the other man’s hands are on his back. The man in the back does not seem to be pushing the man in the front with his hand. It might be argued the man in the rear is expressing a feeling of emotion by putting his hand on the other man’s back. That is a genuine possibility.

There is something that the reader who is doubting this picture shows an example of possession needs to know, because if the reader doubts this picture is an example of possession, they probably don’t know anything about possession.

Possession takes place by the transfer of forces from one body to another. Forces have the ability to travel across a distance, which means that it is not necessary to touch someone to possess them. There is a caveat though. The strength of forces weakens according to the distance from the target the possessor is. The farther away from the target, the weaker the forces from the possessor will be, meaning the act of possession will be more difficult.

All of that is a long winded way of saying that the forces used for the act of possession will be at their strongest if the possessor is touching the victim. There is no intervening distance between the target and the possessor to dissipate the strength of the force.  The full strength of the possessing force flows directly from the possessor’s body into the target’s body

An Example of Possession Video

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