The Daily Insight 08-28-08 – The Sign of the Animal

The following picture is of a man after he was captured and tortured.

Before he was captured the man was the leader of a country. According to Happeh Theory, the appearance of the man in the picture indicates the torture left him an “animal”.

What is the basis of that claim?

The picture below present an example of a gesture known as “The Sign of the Animal” in Happeh Theory nomenclature.

The man in the picture, whose name is Fidel Castro, is not demonstrating the gesture so a picture can be taken of it. Castro is making “The Sign of the Animal” at the photographer taking his picture for the reason the gesture was invented. To insult the photographer. According to Happeh Theory, that gesture is an insult that can be interpreted as saying “you are an animal, not a thinking, rational human being”.

The next picture is a comparison of Castro making the insult gesture and the picture of Saddam Hussein.

Do you see any similarities between the two pictures?

Both men have their right hand up by their head.

A hand raised up by the face in one of the characteristics of The Sign of the Animal.

Are there any other similarities between the two pictures? It is easier to find the similarities by starting with Castro because he is purposefully making The Sign of the Animal. Whatever he is doing must be one of the characteristics of The Sign of the Animal.

The hand that Castro raised up to his face is pulling his right eyelid down.

Inspection of the tortured man’s right eye reveals it has a wide open look, as if the skin on his face was being pulled away from his eye.

The insult gesture known as “The Sign of the Animal” consists of raising one hand up to the eye on the same side of the body and pulling the eyelid downwards. The body of the man who was tortured has a similar appearance.

According to Happeh Theory, the involuntary configuration and appearance of the tortured man’s body is what the insult gesture “The Sign Of The Animal” was based on. Any human being anywhere in the world whose body has been changed in a particular way, or whose body has not developed in a particular way, will involuntarily make that gesture constantly. They cannot stop themselves from making it.

An individual using the gesture as an insult is saying to the person being insulted, “you are an undeveloped or damaged, animal like human being”.

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