The Daily Insight 09-13-08 – Hairdressers and Human Energy cont

Awhile back there was a picture of three people posted.

The actions of the three people in the situation was stated to be due to the energy interactions between the three people. A video of the situation the three people were in was also included.

A series of followup posts were made that cataloged various observations of the three people. The curious person will need to go back and read those if they so desire. The posts might be a ways back in the thread.

Then I said I would create a video demonstrating what was going on the original video, that was the basis for the claim that the interaction of human energy between human beings was responsible for the physical actions shown in the source video. The analytical video has been finished.

Analytical Video

Because the events in the video take place over seconds, it is very hard to see them. The video did not turn out as clear as I had hoped. The sincere person who wishes to learn what is going on, would benefit from comparing the original source video to the explanatory video that was created. Pausing the videos and scrubbing over them frame by frame, should help the curious person who is trying to understand this stuff.

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