The Daily Insight 09-12-08 – Body Insults continued

The picture below shows a man holding his index finger up by his right eye.

A previous blog entry claimed that the man in the picture was making in insulting gesture by holding his index finger up by his right eye in the exact way that it is. The man is insulting the photographer who is taking his picture. The purpose of the insult was to mock changes to the body of the photographer that indicate he is a lesser kind of human being.

The previous blog entry claimed that Happeh Theory could explain what has happened to the body of the photographer that has made him look like something the man in the picture considers to be a lesser human being. It also stated that most people in the world have the same knowledge that the writer of this blog entry has collected under the name “Happeh Theory”. It was claimed that Asians, Hispanics, Africans, Indians, and most every race in the world have a conscious or unconscious awareness of the knowledge contained within Happeh Theory.

While there are members of all of those races that do not have the knowledge being described, the Caucasian races seem to be the only ones where a majority of the people in the culture have no knowledge at all of what is contained in Happeh Theory. 

It is the opinion of this author that the Caucasian races have been manipulated into losing or disregarding this knowledge in order to make them weak and easy to control, because historical evidence suggests that a much larger number of members of the Caucasian races of the past were aware of the knowledge contained within Happeh Theory. 

Please examine the next picture.

The picture shows an Asian military person looking out from behind a fence pole. The Asian person is insulting the photographer of this picture in a way similar to the way the man in the previous picture was insulting that photographer.

How many eyes does the Asian person have? In the picture only one of the Asian person’s eyes are visible, so an absolutely correct answer is “One eye”. The other eye is hidden by the fence post.

How many eyes does a photographer have? The answer might seem to be “two”, but when a photographer is taking a picture,

how many eyes can be seen? Only one eye can be seen,

because the camera is blocking the other eye.

That is why what the Asian soldier is doing is an insult. The Asian soldier is mocking the photographer by showing only one eye to the photographer like the photographer is showing only one eye to him.

The insulting gestures being made to the photographers are not mocking their condition only when they have a camera blocking their eye. The insult is meant to indicate they have one eye even when they are not holding the camera.

How does that work?

A photographer will go “blind” in one eye from holding a camera because they squint that eye to look through the camera. After squinting that one eye for years and years it becomes permanently squinted. The act of squinting is the act of partially closing the eye. So of course if the eye the photographer uses to look into the camera becomes partially closed, that eye would be “blind” compared to the other eye that was completely open.

It is not just the eye that is affected by the constant squinting. The head and face are involved in squinting the eye so they will also be affected. One way to visualize head and face around the eye they use to look through the camera changes, is to imagine all of the area of the head where the metal implant is on the side of the face of the human being in the following picture,


has become contracted and hardened from constantly squinting that eye. That contraction and hardening does not occur just on the surface of the head and face. The contraction and hardening will extend deeper into the head and face, affecting the things they might encounter in there, like one of the eyes.

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