The Daily Insight 09-09-08 – Hand Gesture Insults Continued

Please examine the following picture.


A previous blog entry claimed the man had health problems that were responsible for making him close his right eye more than his left eye,

and making his right chest look small and shrunken,

in comparison to the larger and more full left chest.

That previous blog entry claimed there was a relationship between the condition of the eyes and the chest, and stated that acquiring the knowledge that explains that connection could give a person an advantage in life, that would help them attain greater things than if they were unaware of that knowledge.

Then the following picture was introduced.

It was stated that the way the man is holding his hand and body were collectively known as “The Sign Of The Small Penis” in Happeh Theory nomenclature, and that the posture could be interpreted as an insulting gesture if it was directed towards someone else. The insult was that the body of the person the gesture was directed at had been changed in a negative way that made them a lesser human being.

 The previous blog entry then stated “The Sign of the Small Penis” was related to the changes in the body of the man performing the pledge of allegiance.

That previous blog entry then noted that the man performing the Pledge of Allegiance, The Sign of the Small Penis, and two other insulting gestures known as “The Sign of the Animal”,

and The “Sign of the Loser”,

respectively all involved the right hand moving upwards towards the head.

An obvious question to ask on viewing that picture is “Why do all of those gestures involve moving the right hand up towards the head”

If you were a detective or a scientist, what would you do if you were confused about something? You would look for more evidence. You would go over the evidence you have, and look for more corroborating evidence. What evidence is currently present?

(1) Each gesture involves movement of the right arm up towards head for all of the examples.

(2) According to Happeh Theory, the eyes are not just round objects sitting in the eye sockets. The eyes are inextricably intertwined with the entire rest of the body. It is through that connection that masturbation can make a human being go blind.

(3) The weak right eye of the man making the pledge of allegiance, is on the same side of the body as his weak right chest. 

That evidence would be enough for the thinking scientist or detective to believe that there is something going on with the right side of the body that connects all of the gestures. 

This blog entry is now presenting the following picture for consideration in light of all of that material from the previous blog entry.

That picture is of the same man who was the example for “The Sign of the Small Penis”. That picture is corroboration for the preliminary conclusion the scientist or detective made from the previous evidence, that the right side of the body is involved in all of the hand gestures previously shown.

How does the new picture corroborate all of those gestures involve the right side of the body?

 In the new picture the man’s body looks similar to the way it did when he made “The Sign Of The Small Penis”. His head is jutting forwards in both pictures,

 and his head is moving down to his right in both pictures. 

There is no reason for the man’s head to either jut forward or tilt down to his right in the sitting down picture. There are no outside influences that he is trying to avoid by moving his head.

That would indicate the man is jutting his head forwards and tilting it down to his right in both pictures, because there is something about his body that makes the man always jut his head forwards and always tilt his head down to the right, regardless of the situation he is in , or whether or not he is sitting down or standing up.

The detective or scientist is now more certain that their original deduction about all of those hand gestures being related to some change in the right side of the body is correct. The next logical step in the investigation would be to discover what change would be required in the body of a human being, that would cause it to raise the right hand up towards the hand involuntarily.

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