The Daily Insight – 9-5-08 – Human Body Insight And The Sign Of The Small Penis

Familiarity with the energy of the human body and how it influences the behavior of the physical body allows the individual to make many different informed judgments about other human beings. That knowledge can be used for anything from the inconsequential to the significant. That knowledge could be used to analyze the bodies of presidential candidates for instance, to determine who is the most physically, mentally, and emotionally fit candidate.

The presidential candidate John McCain was a POW in the Vietnam war. He endured various tortures that left him unable to lift his arms over his head. Vietnamese are Asian, so it seems reasonable to accept they used the principles of Yin Yang Theory, a theory developed in Asia, as the basis for the types of torture they subjected him to.

It is a fact that the mind and body are interconnected and intertwined. Anything that happens to the head will have some effect on the rest of the body, and anything that happens to the body will have some effect on the head. Since the head contains the brain, anything that affects the head will have some affect on the mental and emotional characteristics of the individual.

Those facts mean that if John McCain’s arms have been damaged in a way that makes it impossible for him to raise them over his head, then John McCain’s head has also been changed in a related way, which in turn means his mental and emotional characteristics are influenced by whatever bodily changes make it impossible for him to raise his arms over his head.

The person knowledgeable about the interaction between the energy and physical body’s, who wanted to use that knowledge to help them choose a presidential candidate, would personally examine the body of John McCain for physical

Here is an example picture of the presidential candidate John McCain.

McCain is looking off to his side.

Many people if asked would reply that McCain is looking off to his side because he is acting on a mental desire to look to his side. That is true to some extent. It is also true that the exact look of McCain’s body indicates that he has a hard to control tendency to look off to his side.

That tendency is a by product of the torture he endured. The torture did not just damage his arms so he cannot lift them over his head, or damage his head in a way that causes it to turn to the side, the torture weakened the entire right side of his body approximately within the area enclosed the the circle in the following picture.


That damage to the right side of the body makes he right leg weak, the right side of the torso weak, and the right side of the head, which is one of the main influences giving the head the tendency to turn to the side.

It is also relevant that McCain suffers from cancer. There is a large cancerous mass on the left side of this face.

The location of the cancer is significant for two reasons. The cancer is on the left side of the head which is opposite the side of the body that has been damaged by torture,

and because the cancer also happens to lie along the boundary between the damaged right side of the body and the more healthy left side of the body.

Much of the knowledge and claims of Happeh Theory are not new. People from cultures all over the world and from different periods of history knew most of what is found in Happeh Theory. They did not make up some name like “Happeh Theory” to label that body of knowledge. They just called it “common sense” and applied it to their everyday lives. People who understand how the human body works and how it reacts to various stimuli, can and do insult others by mimicking the configuration of a particular body reaction to some physical activity.

For instance. Arabic people are familiar with how the human body behaves and how it reacts to various physical stimuli. A recent news article was printed from Arabic sources about how the president of France, Nicholas Sarkozy, felt it would be understandable if Israel bombed Iran. It seems reasonable to believe that the Iranians would not be happy about Sarkozy publicly stating he did not care if Israel bombed Iran and murdered innocent Iranians.

The reaction of most people who are unhappy is to demonstrate their unhappiness to the person or entity responsible. A picture of Nicholas Sarkozy accompanied the Iranian news article. That picture is shown next.

If you knowledgeable about how the human body reacts to various stimuli, like Happeh Theory or the Arabic people, African people, Hispanic people, Russian people, and just about any people other than Western people, you know that leaning over to the right,

while holding the right hand up to the head with the middle, ring and pinky finger up in the air, 

and the index finger and thumb pinched together,

is one of the characteristic physical actions a human body changed by Excessive Masturbation will make.

Happeh Theory has labeled this particular gesture “The Sign Of The Small Penis”, because the people who make it also characteristically behave as if they have a small penis. They are puffed up and peacock like. They take actions to prove to others that they really are a man, in the way that a male with a small penis frequently will.

It is really quite astonishing how many men who make The Sign Of the Small Penis are associated with acts of violence and brutality. That evidence leads to the tentative hypothesis that in order to prove to others and/or themselves, human males who have a small penis must publicly, frequently, and mercilessly abuse and brutalize others. 

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