The Daily Insight 09-03-08 – Human Beings Have Energy

This post is the third and final post in a series on the energy of the human body.

At this point in the conversation on proving human beings have energy, a few statements have been made about the three people in the example video clip. Readers were asked to hold those statements in their mind as the conversation progressed.

(1) It was emphasized that the man’s head was round, and it was claimed this meant his Yin or energy head was mostly aligned on his physical body. It was then said that the man had strong energy, he knew about energy, and he knew how to manipulate human energy.

(2) It was pointed out that the blonde haired woman’s head was smallish, and it was claimed that this was an indication that her Yin or energy head was not aligned on her physical head. It was then stated that the blond haired woman had relatively weak energy, and that she did not know about and could not control human energy.

(3) It was pointed out that the black haired woman’s hair was cut so that it covered her left eye. It was claimed that the haircut covering the left eye, indicated the left side of the black haired woman’s head was distorted. The Yin or energy head of her body is not properly sized or aligned on her physical head. It was stated that the black haired woman’s energy was stronger than the blonde haired woman’s, but weaker than the man’s energy. It was further stated that the black haired woman does not know about human energy, and cannot manipulate human energy.

It is reasonable and natural for people who do not understand this subject, to argue the observations made of the bodies of the three people do not justify the conclusions reached and the claims made about their bodies.

This post presents more pictures to back up the statements already made about the three people in the video.

A person with strong energy will generally look like they are strong and healthy physically. It was previously stated that the man’s head was round and healthy looking. The man’s body is also healthy looking. The man stands mostly erect with his head mostly erect, as shown in the following examples.

Another sign of the health and strength of the man is that his overall body is wide, as emphasized in the pictures below.

The roundness and openness of the man’s face, combined with his tendency to stand erect and his wide body, are all signs of a person with a strong Yin part of the body, and strong energy.

The blonde haired woman is not shown much in the video clip because she is a bystander. There are very few opportunities to show the changes in her body that indicate she has weak energy. The blonde woman has a tendency to tilt her head as shown below.

She also has a tendency to rotate her head.


There is one situation that reveals exactly why the woman has weak energy, but it will not mean anything to the person who does not understand the human body or human energy. There is a boundary in the blonde haired woman’s face as shown below.

All of the above pictures support the claim that the Yin or energy head of the woman’s body is shrunken and weak. The reason her head tilts and rotates, is because her body is not strong enough to control it properly.

The body of the black haired woman provides a couple of observations to support the claims that she has weak energy, and that her Yin or energy body does not match her physical body.

The black haired woman has a tendency to always tilt her head, for the same reason the blonde woman’s head tilts. The black haired woman’s body is not strong enough to properly control her head. (There is another reason for head tilting that is purposefully being ignored her to keep this simple)

The black haired woman also has a tendency to hold her right arm in a particular way as shown below.

And of course there is the fact that her left eye is covered up by her hair, which was claimed to be a sign of the shrinkage of the left side of her head.

The pictures above corroborate the claim that the black haired woman’s energy body is relatively weak. Her physical body is distorted and appears weakened in particular areas, and since the energy body usually matches the physical body, her energy body would be weak also.

I would like to address some concerns I am certain will be voiced by readers after going over the above material.

Yes it is possible to take pictures of any human being in some position other than straight up and down. It is the combination of knowledge and experience with human energy that allows me to pick out the pictures above as examples of human energy in action, or signs of how human energy affects the human body.

No reader should expect to completely understand what is being said here, nor should they start going around making statements about people who are crooked in some way. It will take literally years of experience for a person to understand the difference between a person who is purposefully leaning or tilting, and a person who is leaning or tilting because their body has been damaged in some way, or changed in some way.

The reader should be patient and understanding. There should be million questions in the mind of the reader after going over the above material. Keep those questions in mind and hold on to them, but try to avoid giving voice to them. Like most things in life, if you wait a little bit, you will think of the answer on your own, or the answer will likely be provided in a follow up post.

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