The Daily Insight – 09-02-08 – “Lines On Pictures Don’t Mean Anything!”

A previous post discussing the energy of the human body included pictures with markings on them like the following.


After reading that previous post, someone responded to the pictures by saying:

“Drawing lines on pictures and making statements you can’t back up about people’s hairstyles and the shapes of their heads is not proof that the human body contains some form of mystical “energy.”

The material that individual was commenting on contained a disclaimer. That disclaimer said the conversation was purposefully beginning at a very low level to make the material as simple and easy as possible to understand.

The man’s statement that the lines on the pictures are “not proof of mystical energy” is accurate. Those lines were meant to delineate areas of the body that are described as being “Yin”. There was no claim the lines on the pictures were “proof of mystical energy”.

But the man’s claim that “lines on a picture don’t have any meaning” is a foolish statement to make. Pictures with lines on them are used everyday, all over the world, in an uncountable number of ways to convey information, just like the demonstration pictures for this material have lines drawn on them to convey information.

The individual who was commenting did have a point though. Lines on a picture only make sense to people who understand what is being said. Since that man does not know about the energy of the human body or how Yin Yang Theory applies to the human body, any lines on any picture claiming to highlight something related to Yin and Yang or the energy of the human body will be meaningless to him. Once he becomes educated though, lines on pictures about Yin and Yang or the energy of the human body will make sense to him.

Lines on a picture that are meant to explain something will of course only mean something to people who understand the subject of the discussion the pictures are related to. Since the conversations participants did not believe in Yin or the energy of the human body, they do not understand Yin or the energy of the human body. The lines on the pictures mean nothing to them because they do not have the necessary education to understand what the lines on the pictures are highlighting.

The next three pictures are proof the individual who was commenting is wrong about lines on a picture not meaning anything. Each picture is an X-ray of some part of the human body. Please take a moment to examine each picture.

All three X-rays have lines on them. The purpose of those lines is to highlight pertinent information on the X-ray.

The individual who commented “lines on a picture do not prove the existence of mystical energy”, wants people to believe that medical professionals who have been trained to use X-rays in the diagnosis and treatment of health problems are drawing lines on those X-rays for no reason at all,  because according to him, lines on a picture don’t prove anything.

If you break a bone, would your common sense have you believe that the line drawn on your X-ray by the doctor is pointing to the fracture in your bone, or would you think the doctor was a clown who was drawing lines on a picture because he was a fool?

Another common example of pictures with lines drawn on them to convey information are engineering diagrams like the following.

 If you want to accept what the individual who claims “lines on a picture prove nothing” says, then what you are really saying is that the trained engineers and scientists who use diagrams like the one above to create the modern technological world around us, are drawing lines on pictures because they are fools. The lines have no meaning at all.

Does that seem believable? Would thousands of scientist and engineers really waste their time drawing lines on pictures if there was no meaning to it? Especially when we can see physically existent inventions created by those same engineers and scientists, and we are told that the lines on the pictures they show us completely explain how that invention works?

There can be no doubt the commenter was wrong about lines on a picture meaning nothing.

Which means the lines on the pictures provided by Happeh Theory do have meaning. If the reader can comprehend what is being said.

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