The Fountain Of Youth Video Followup

The purpose of this blog entry is to fill in some gaps in a video about The Fountain Of Youth from a previous blog entry.

That video claimed the story of The Fountain Of Youth was not a legend about finding a mystical water fountain somewhere in the world, it was a legend about discovering a fountain of energy the author claims can be emitted from the top of the head of a human being. The reason that fountain of energy was called a “Fountain Of Youth”, was because the physical body must be in good shape in order to emit the fountain of energy from the head, and the energy showering down from the fountain over the body gives the physical body a youthful appearance.

One of the gaps in the referenced video was the question of the origin of the energy being emitted from the head. The water in a fountain is pulled from some storage container of some kind. That water is sprayed into the air by the fountain and falls back into the storage container feeding the fountain.

The energy fountaining out of the top of the head is like the water in a typical fountain.  Where is the storage container for that energy?

According to the author the storage container for the energy emitted out of the head is the stomach area. While the stomach area is the storage container for the energy produced by the body, it can also store energy gained from other sources. Outside energy that is stored in the stomach area is absorbed directly by the stomach area. The following picture of a gas nozzle stuck into the stomach of a human being is meant to convey the idea of energy from outside of the body filling up the human body’s “energy tank”, or stomach.

The next gap in the Fountain Of Youth video to be addressed involves the connections between the head and the stomach and the anus and the stomach. Those connections were said to be fibers that were connected all around the circumference of the sphere in the stomach up to the head and down to the anus. The following poor quality picture tried to demonstrate the fibers connecting the stomach to the head and anus.

Please take a moment to inspect the general look of the fibers connecting either the stomach to the head or the stomach to the anus. Now examine the following picture of a bar magnet with the magnetic fields lines surrounding it drawn in.

The magnetic field lines of the bar magnet look similar to the fibers connecting the stomach to the top of the head.

The similarity of structures is a piece of evidence supporting the claim that a human being can be described as a collection of electromagnetic waves.

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