A Human Body Can Be Drawn Using Heart Shapes

When most people draw a human body they believe they are drawing a body consisting of a torso, two legs, two arms, and a head. That is true to some extent. The human body can also be treated as if it is composed of multiple heart shapes. The following series of drawings will show how that is down.

The heart shape the human body can be constructed from is the stylistic heart shape shown below, not an actual heart shape.

The first step in constructing a human figure from stylistic heart shapes is to drawn another smaller heart shape inside of the first heart shape.

Then another smaller heart shape inside of the second heart shape.

And then one more smaller heart shape inside of that third heart shape.

There are four stylistic heart shapes layered within each other. The next step is to draw the following lines on the picture, which some readers may interpret as a “peace symbol” sign.

The next picture shows the four layered hearts shown above superimposed on a much larger stylistic heart shape, as well as a much larger stylistic heart shape superimposed over the lower half of the original four layered heart shapes.

In the next picture a stretched heart shape was removed from the center of the lower dark blue heart shape, and a heart shape was selectively removed from the inside of the upper light blue heart shape.

Although it looks like a bunch of colors lumped together, the next picture labels all of the parts of the human body that have been created from those layered heart shapes.

The “peace sign” lines were added to the drawing to help define the sides of the torso and the pelvis, and the center of the entire body.

Why can the human body be created from heart shapes? Because the entire human body is created from spirals. The spirals of the heart are simply stretched or shaped as necessary to duplicate the spirals of the arms, legs, and torso.

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