Black And White Photography and Auras

Black and white photography has the ability to show the energy associated with the human body. The subject of a black and white photograph will be surrounded by light of varying gradations, like the subject shown in this picture.

What is it that determines the exact pattern of light degradation? A scientist or camera professional would attribute the pattern to nothing more than the intensity of the lights in the scene and their positioning. If the scientist or camera professional was right though, shouldn’t the pattern of light around the man be mostly even? Shouldn’t it be one shade of white, gray, or black all across the background?

It is of course true the exact answer to those questions depends on the nature of the light source. If the light source was overhead lights, that would reinforce the position the light should be evenly spread. Even if the light source was a flash for a camera though, shouldn’t the brightly lit area around the man be a mostly evenly lit circle?

It is the position of the author that all living creatures have what is commonly called “energy” associated with their body, and that “energy” will affect the pattern of light in a black and white image.  

The energy of the human body can manifest itself in a number of ways. One of those ways is as a large bulging area to the rear of the body. If that claim is true, and the claim the energy of the human body affects the light pattern in black and white photographs is also true, then the picture of the Kung Fu man who would be expected to have strong energy, should show some evidence of being influenced by the Kung Fu man’s energy.

The picture of the Kung Fu man does show the expected changes. The lines in the following picture highlight the very small area of brightness to the front of the man’s body, and the very large area of brightness to the rear of his body.

It is the author’s claim the area behind the Kung Fu man’s body is so large and so bright because his energy is located back there, and his energy has affected the intensity of light that is picked up by the black and white camera.

The interested individual should pay special attention to the back. The light intensity is so high on the back that the details of the back are washed out. That is interesting because Kung Fu is supposed to make the back very strong. If the back is physically strong, it should have strong energy. And if the back had strong energy, it should have a strong effect on the light in a black and white photograph, like making the area so bright it washes out that part of the photograph.

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