The Wave Building Block

Last week we spent time talking about the Egg basic building block of the 3 building blocks theory. This week we will discuss the Wave building block. Do you know what a wave is? A wave is a shape that has a low point, travels up to a midpoint, travels up to a highpoint, turns and goes back down to the midpoint and then goes down again to a low point. This pattern when it repeats itself is what defines a wave.

You are your personality, thoughts and memories, not your body. You float around out their somewhere until the time is right and then you move into a human body to inhabit until it burns out. What kinds of indications are there that this is true? It is commonly accepted in medical terms to describe the functions of the brain as “brainwaves” The activity in the brain is electromagnetic wave activity.

The eyes see electromagnetic radiation in the form of visible light. Electromagnetic radiation travels invisibly thru the air in the form of waves. The ears hear sound energy. Sound energy also travels invisibly thru the air in a wave pattern. In both of the above examples the shape of the waves is what determines what type of light or sound you are receiving. Those are two examples that the wave is a basic building block of everything in reality. To receive input, the data is received as waves so the human body must have wave processors, the eyes and ears in these examples. Another example is touch. Touch is vibration. Vibration is a wave traveling in a solid material.

These are some ephemeral types of clues. What other things can help us conclude that the wave is indeed one of the three basic building blocks that can describe everything? Have you ever looked at a human body? I mean looked at it with a curious eye, not as a distraction?

Here is a picture of half of a computer model human body.

What do you see other than a poor quality image? The bottom yellow and brown part is the leg, the pinkish stuff above is the torso. The arm is obvious. The head is the bluish blob on top. Think about our conversation to this point as you examine the photo. Does anything strike you while you look at the photo?

The human body is a wave. It may not be so obvious in the photo above because of the quality. Or maybe the orientation. Here is the photo again with a line highlighting the wave shape of the arm.

The model is oriented horizontally in the next picture with a line highlighting the wave shape of the side of the body.

Is it more readily apparent now? In the picture on the left, there is a line drawn over the arm in the shape of a wave. The wave follows the contour of the arm. Up over the fist, down to the wrist, up over the forearm, down to the elbow, up to the bicep, down to the base of the shoulder, up over the bulk of the shoulder. It travels thru the neck and repeats itself thru the other arm out thru the hand. Your arms are in the shape of a wave.

The legs are the same. The effect is easier to see with the body layed on it’s side. The foot is not detailed enough to see so you need to image it. Up the ball of the foot, down to base of the ankle, up to top of ankle, down to ankle/lower leg joint, up over the lower leg, down at the knee, up over the thigh, down at waist thigh joint, up over waist, down at waist/stomach junction, up over trapezius muscle on side of torso, down at armpit, up at arm, down at neck and up over head.

There is a wave that runs thru the body vertically and horizontally. Not just one. The picture shows only one for demonstration purposes. You will find this effect repeated in other places.

That seems convincing. The wave is one of the 3 basic building blocks and it’s shape is right there on the outside of the human body. Anything else handy for convincing? Have you heard of DNA? It is a chemical that describes a human being. Sort of like an instruction manual. DNA is a spiral that has different chemicals at different places on the spiral. Below is a picture of DNA.

The DNA is in the shape of a spiral because that is the most efficient shape for it’s function. The two strands on either side are commonly described as a ladder with the rungs in between. The rungs are the actual chemicals the define the human being. They are adenine, guanine, cytosine and one thymine. 😉 That gives you 4 items you can combine in various ways to make different stuff. If you know math I think that is 4 factorial or something like that. 4!=4X3X2X1=24 different combinations. Then their position on the ladder also makes a difference.

You cannot have a human being without DNA. A DNA is a human being for all intents and purposes. You might have heard of genetic testing for criminals. This is done using the DNA of the person because no two people have the same DNA. This is all supposed to get across the feeling that DNA is highly important aspect of the human body. Now lets look at the picture again.

Now that we have done some talking you most likely do not need me to tell you what you are looking at. The DNA, when viewed horizontally is a wave. Broken down even more, a spiral is a wave that has been stretched out in a third dimension. A wave is 2 dimensional. So we have wave to spiral to 2 spirals make DNA.

There is one more thing on my mind that feels a little off tangent. There is the urge to write it down so I will. Another of the basic theories is that every invention in the world came from the human body. How does this relate to the current discussion. Below is another picture.

This is what is called a helical antenna. As you can see the antenna is a spiral. And a spiral is a wave with a 3rd dimension. The relationship I wish you to focus on is this. An antenna is used to receive waves. TV, radio, microwave, all kinds of waves. This antenna is in the shape of a spiral. If a spiral antenna can pick up radio waves, do you think it is possible that your DNA, which is 2 spirals hooked together, can pick up waves? Seems like having 2 spirals hooked together might even make the reception better.

If that was true, could that account for mental telepathy? That would be a wave emitted from your brainwaves and picked up by someone else. Or maybe those funny feelings that come over people. Like the one where you know someone is looking at you and you turn and there is someone looking at you. What if the person looking was sending waves at you, attention on you waves. The spirals in your DNA pick it up and send off a warning.

Or the feelings you get like premonitions, when something is going to happen and then it does. What about emotions? You know how you cry if someone else is crying. Instead of you crying because you feel bad for them, what if they are emitting or sending out crying waves? Your DNA picks up the crying waves like a TV set and like a TV you play what you recieve. So you start crying because that is the channel you are tuned into.

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