Japanese Gait Study Supports The Claims Of Happeh Theory

One of the main claims of Happeh Theory is that specific movement patterns of the body are related to specific health conditions of both the body and mind. For instance. If a person masturbates in one specific way, say using their right hand, their thought processes and health condition will be different from the thought processes and health condition of someone who masturbates with their left hand.

The Japanese study in this post has determined that Japanese children walk differently than other children from around the world. It will be obvious to any person who spends a short amount of time looking into the situation that Japanese people in general, both children and adults, exhibit different ways of thinking, different states of health, and a different physical appearance than other peoples of the world.

This Japanese study supports the claims of Happeh Theory because it has identified one of the types of physical movement that according to Happeh Theory contributes to the undeniable physical differences between adult Japanese people and adults of other peoples around the world.

A related avenue of research for the interested individual would be to study the dance movements that are a foundation of many African peoples, and their relationship to the undeniable physical differences African people exhibit from peoples of other countries of the world.

Stanford Study Supports The Claims Of Happeh Theory.

This blog is no longer actively updated. I happened across the article below which supports the claims of Happeh Theory and felt forced to add it to the blog now, in 2021. One of the main claims of Happeh Theory is that a myriad of things can be determined from the examination of a person’s […]

Work Of Data Analyst Using AI Software Confirms The Main Claim of Happeh Theory, Which Is Facial Characteristics Can Determine If A Human Being Is Gay, And Other Personality Traits

Ten or 15 years after the creation of Happeh Theory and the work found in this blog, a data analyst using AI software has confirmed the major claims of Happeh Theory. That facial characteristics can be used to determine if a human being is gay, or if they possess other personality characteristics. The AI software was trained on face pictures gleaned from the internet. If the same AI software was trained using pictures of the entire bodies of people, it’s results would confirm the other major claim of Happeh Theory. That the physical characteristics displayed by a particular human body can also be used to determine if a person is gay, or if they possess other particular personality characteristics.

Since this scientific work confirms the claims of Happeh Theory, there is no further need to update this blog. It’s mission has been accomplished. The blog will remain in place for historical reasons, but no further updates are likely to made to it. Specifically meaning this blog is not being currently maintained, and requests for contact, opinions or conversation will neither be seen nor responded to.

It was my pleasure to contribute to the scientific knowledge of the human race, and I must say that I do feel proud of this work, and more importantly, I feel vindicated by it’s confirmation. The hate and denial from the internet that was experienced by me during the 10 or 15 years of this blogs existence was unpleasant and quite difficult to tolerate and work through.

Study Reveals Taking Ibuprofen Causes Male Infertility

Scientists are Stoopid. Really Stoopid. So Stoopid in fact that they constantly prescribe drugs for people that actually cause health problems instead of providing relief from health problems.

The study that this story is based on has revealed that taking Ibuprofen in the recommended doses cause male fertility problems. Which means all those men who are prescribed Ibuprofen for pain and a myriad other health problems, are actually being prescribed a drug which is going to lower their fertility or make them completely infertile. The stoopid scientists haven’t decided which yet. They need more time to study the situation.

Never trust a scientist or a doctor. They are stoopid. They do whatever idiotic thing a drug salesman or some book tells them they should do. They have no personal knowledge of what effects the drugs they prescribe have. So when can never know if the drug they give you for pain relief is going to end up killing your testicles and turning you into a eunuch or a woman or not.

A New AI Can Determine If A Person Is Gay Or Straight From A Facial Photograph. This Phenomenon Supports Both The Claims Made By Phrenology Decades Ago And The Claims Made By Happeh Theory Over The Last Decade

Artificial intelligence can accurately guess whether people are gay or straight based on photos of their faces, according to new research suggesting that machines can have significantly better “gaydar” than humans.

The researchers say that homosexual men were found to have narrower jaws, longer noses, larger foreheads and less facial hair than heterosexual men, and that homosexual women tended to have larger jaws and smaller foreheads than heterosexual women.

They added: “Lesbians tended to use less eye makeup, had darker hair, and wore less revealing clothes (note the higher neckline)—indicating less feminine grooming and style. Furthermore, although women tend to smile more in general, lesbians smiled less than their heterosexual counterparts.