TSOL01 – Chapter 11 – Why Women Do Not Like Mice


Most women do not like mice. If there is a mouse in the vicinity the woman will shriek, run away, or maybe jump up on top of something in order to avoid the mouse. Why do women have such an extreme reaction to such a small creature? If a man sees a mouse, he will […]

TSOL01 – Chapter 12 – Why Do Injured Human Beings Scream?


Injured human beings scream to repressurize their body. The human body is a pressure vessel that contains some set amount of pressure within itself. An injury will cause the human body to lose pressure in a way similar to how a tire loses pressure if it is “injured” when it is punctured by a sharp […]

TSOL01 – Chapter 13 – “Bending The Knee”

TSOL01 - Chapter 13 - "Bending The Knee"

“Bending the knee” is a phrase from the times of knights and swords. Lower class people would “bend the knee” to upper class people as a sign of respect. When a lower class person “bends the knee” to an upper class person, the lower class person will bend one leg so that the foot remains […]

TSOL01 – Chapter 14 – Walking On Your Head

TSOL01 - Chapter 14 - Walking On Your Head

There is a science called reflexology that says that the feet are connected to the rest of the body. Stimulation of the feet can be used to cure various sicknesses. The principle is that stimulation of a particular area of the foot travels through the body to the unhealthy area of the body to help […]

TSOL01 – Chapter 15 – Obsessive Washing Or Wringing Of The Hands

TSOL01 - Chapter 15 - Obsessive Washing Or Wringing Of The Hands

Obsessive or Compulsive washing of the hands means that a person performs a washing motion with their hands for no apparent reason. The person rubs their hands over each other as if there is soap on them and they are washing the soap off. This type of behavior is also called wringing of the hands. […]