The “Energy” Of The Human Body

The human body has what is commonly referred to as "energy" associated with it. The energy of the human body is invisible, it can travel across a distance, and it can affect other living creatures. The energy of the human body is commonly described as being an amorphous changing cloud that hovers around the body, an aura that closely follows the outlines of the physical body, or as an exact duplicate of the physical body that is centered and aligned on the physical body.

This section is devoted to discussion of the properties of the energy of the human body, examples of the interaction between the energy and physical bodies of individuals, as well as examples of the interactions of the energy and physical bodies between one or more individuals.

This subject has the potential to completely change ones life. When one becomes able to "see" the energy of other human beings, the motivations for many of their apparently unexplainable actions become obvious, the cause of health problems become visible, and it becomes possible to anticipate the actions of their physical body because the energy body always leads the physical body.

The individual who educates themselves on this subject will learn how important it is to be physically healthy and to act in a way that develops and strengthens the connection between the energy and physical bodies, they will develop the ability to influence other human beings who don't believe in or don't know anything about the energy of the human body, they can develop the ability to harm or cause death in other human beings via energy manipulation, or they can use that same energy manipulation ability to help or heal other human beings.

The categories linked below attempt to separate this large body of knowledge into more manageable pieces.