Tag: General Phrenology

The Ideal Human Head Shape

The reader may be surprised to learn there is no one ideal shape for the human head. According to Happeh Theory there are a number of basic configurations of the human body. The ideal head associated with each of those body configurations will have it’s own unique appearance. Symmetric human heads One characteristic all of […]

Proper Human Skull and Face Alignment

According to Happeh Theory, all human beings have energy. The energy of a human being can be depicted in various ways depending on what point the author is trying to make. For this section the energy of the human body is treated as an exact duplicate of the human body. The picture below shows two […]

Triangle Faces

Phrenology is an area of science that claims that the shape of the human head is related to the personality and mentality exhibited by a human being. Happeh Theory is a collection of information about the construction and behavior of the human body. One of the claims of Happeh Theory is that the human body […]