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The Ideal Human Head Shape

The reader may be surprised to learn there is no one ideal shape for the human head. According to Happeh Theory there are a number of basic configurations of the human body. The ideal head associated with each of those body configurations will have it’s own unique appearance. Symmetric human heads One characteristic all of […]

Excessive Exercise Example 10

The example picture shows a woman dancing. The woman’s body has been changed by Excessive Exercise in the way described by Happeh Theory. Some of those physical changes include the way the right arm is moving upwards and across her body. Excessive Exercise has changed her body so her mouth opens in a particular way. […]

Excessive Exercise Example 09

This example of Excessive Exercise caused changes to the body is a professional soccer player. One of the common changes that is associated with Excessive Exercise according to Happeh Theory, is that the tongue will be forced out of the individuals mouth. The tongue is literally forced out of the mouth by the changes that […]

Excessive Exercise Example 08

This example shows a professional soccer player with Excessive Exercise changes to his body as described by Happeh Theory. This picture demonstrates how Excessive Exercise will change the mouth, so that when it opens the mouth opening is distorted to be larger on one side than on the other. The next picture compares two different […]