Sep 132011
Chinese Twin Dragons Holding The World Statue Is A Representation Of The Human Body - The Secrets Of Life 32

Another post in this blog stated the symbol of Chinese origin in the following picture was a representation of a human being. No attempt was made in that post to explain why or how the symbol represented a human body. This post presents information that can help figure out why the symbol represents a human […]

Sep 132011

The news story that is the basis of this blog entry is another one reporting on a link between impotence and heart disease. This particular study was carried out in China. This Chinese study is interesting because they found that life style changes could improve the condition of those affected with impotency. That finding is […]

Sep 122011
Nefertari Led By Horus - The Secrets Of Life 31

Popular science makes various claims about the motivations for the Pyramids and various other facets of ancient Egyptian culture. These claims are based on and influenced by the mindset and thinking patterns of the scientists. Which means they are not necessarily correct. The picture in this blog entry demonstrates how scientists can reach what seems […]