Dec 052011

The news article that this blog entry is based on reports on a scientific study that found sexual activity physically changes the brain. This story belongs in the Scientists R Stoopid section, because of course sexual activity changes the brain because the brain and the entire body are interconnected.  ——————————————— New research indicates parts of […]

Nov 152011

The news story that is the basis of this blog entry reports on a study that found heart attack survivors are fearful of sexual activity. This story belongs in the “Scientists R Stoopid” section for two reasons. (1) – One of the doctors is quoted as saying: “You can’t predict by looking at someone if […]

Nov 152011
Kids Dressed As Elves - Energy Analysis 03

The picture above shows six human beings. One of the human beings obviously has strong energy. Please examine the picture to see if you can determine which human being has strong energy.  Please do not guess. A human being who has strong energy looks like a strong and healthy human being. Trust your intuition and […]