Dec 312015

One of the main claims of Happeh Theory is that the entire body is interconnected, which implies that anything that happens to one area of the body must affect every other part of the body to some degree.

This news story supports Happeh Theory because Erectile Dysfunction is basically a fancy way for saying “A Limp Dick”, and why would having a limp dick be linked to an early death, unless a limp dick was a symptom of a more serious health problem somewhere else in the body?

Aug 272015
Hair Loss Explained: How And Why Men Go Bald

Scientists R Stoopid. Really Really Stoopid.

The huge article below goes on about different types of male pattern baldness and what the possible reasons for those exact patterns occurring could be.

The answer is simple but you won’t find it in the article.

Men go bald in the patterns shown in the article because of the development of the Yin part of the body in the men and the particular way the Yin part of the body is developed. One pattern will happen to most men whose Yin part of the body develops without any kind of conscious assistance from the men. The other patterns of baldness usually occur in men who consciously involve themselves in various rituals or physical actions which cause the developing Yin part of the body to focus on particular areas of the head.

Jun 242015
Viagra ‘May Raise The Risk Of Skin Cancer By 30 Percent’

A frequent reason for people to reject the claims of Happeh Theory is because many of the claims made by Happeh Theory are contrary to accepted scientific pronouncements. Even though scientists have frequently been proven wrong about those pronouncements over the past decades and centuries. To counter that blind faith that people generally have in […]