Feb 112016

One of the main claims of Happeh Theory is that the masturbation can change other parts of the body. Many people find it hard to accept that something that happens at the groin, masturbation, can affect other areas of the body. Masturbation changes other areas of the body because the entire body is interconnected, which is another one of the main claims of Happeh Theory, and another claim that many people find hard to accept.

The science study referenced in this blog entry found a linkage between exercise and larger brain size in older age people. How can that be if the readers who doubt the entire body is connected are right? How could exercise, something the body is doing, affect the brain which is isolated inside of the skull?

The only way exercise could affect brain size is if the entire body is connected. So the scientific study referenced in the news story reprinted below supports the claim by Happeh Theory that the entire body is interconnected, and it also supports the claim that something that happens at the groin, masturbation, can affect the arms, the legs, the torso, or the head.

Feb 042016
18 Year Old Ellie Penrose Dies Of Menningitis After Doctor Sends Her Home With Ibuprofen

The posts in this section of the website present examples of situations in which doctors and scientists admit they are wrong, are proven to be wrong, or turn out to be wrong, because a trusting member of the public has died or suffered serious trauma or injury due to their unquestioning trust in a doctor or scientist.

This particular blog post contains a news story about a poor young women of only 18 years of age who went to the doctor complaining of feeling ill. The doctor examined her and decided to send her home with ibuprofen. Later that day the young woman died.

Feb 032016
Scientists Claim Women Yawn In Response To Others Yawning More Than Men Because Women Are More Empathic

The news story that this particular blog post is based on reports that scientists claim women are more susceptible to “contagious yawning” than men because women are more empathic.

Thing about that statement for a moment. What does “more empathic” mean? Nobody really knows, do they? There is a dictionary definition for empathy of course, which is “the feeling that you understand and share another person’s experiences and emotions”. Think about that definition for a moment, then ask yourself, why would understanding or sharing another human being’s experiences and emotions make you yawn if they were yawning?

Jan 162016
Fashion Model Leaning Over - Energy Analysis 025

Many photographers have the ability or awareness to see the energy in a human body. Some of the photographers with this ability or awareness will purposefully pose their subjects in such a way as to highlight the energy flows or the overall effect of energy flows on a particular human body. The photo that is the subject of this post in the Energy Analysis section is one such photo. Please take a moment to examine the photograph that is the subject of this post.