Oct 132012

A pharmaceutical company stands accused of putting profit before patients after withdrawing a drug used in the treatment of a chronic debilitating disease – ahead of relaunching it at a price predicted to be up to 20 times higher. Three of Britain’s leading neurologists have written to the Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, to protest at […]

Oct 082012
Hindu Statues Corroborate Existence Of The Health Condition Called "Anorexia Dent"

Anorexia is a health problem characterized by extreme weight loss. The following picture shows a woman whose body displays the typical changes associated with Anorexia. The most obvious change is the development of a large depression in one side of the torso.  That depression has been named “Anorexia Dent”, because it will always be found […]

Sep 302012
Open and Closed - The Secrets Of Life 49

According to Happeh Theory the purpose of life is to evolve into a higher level human being. The daily life of people is manipulated so they will encounter events that are designed to teach them that reality and help them to reach it. Those events are almost always simple things that occur very quickly. The reason […]