Jul 262013
The "Nose Thumbing" Insult Is Meant To Mock The Urge By The Target To Make The Same Gesture Involuntarily

The woman in the picture below is involuntarily making a hand gesture and striking a pose that is mocked by an insult called “Nose Thumbing”. The woman is making the exact hand gesture and her body is holding the exact position it is because of changes to the structure of her body, not because she […]

Jul 172013
Anorexia Dent Overview

Anorexia is associated with many of the same physical changes to the body and health problems as those caused by masturbation. That is because the same basic mechanism of the body is affected by both Masturbation and Anorexia. The main change that Anorexia or Masturbation causes in the human body is to create what Happeh […]