Apr 012003
Black And White Photography and Auras

Black and white photography has the ability to show the energy associated with the human body. The subject of a black and white photograph will be surrounded by light of varying gradations, like the subject shown in this picture. What is it that determines the exact pattern of light degradation? A scientist or camera professional […]

Mar 152003
The Big Hand View Of The Human Body

Have you ever really examined your hands? How they are constructed, how they do what they do, the flexibility and the strength they demonstrate. Did you ever wonder how something so small can do so much?  Think of the power necessary to lift up a piece of furniture. The dexterity necessary to do work requiring […]

Feb 252003
The Wave Building Block

Last week we spent time talking about the Egg basic building block of the 3 building blocks theory. This week we will discuss the Wave building block. Do you know what a wave is? A wave is a shape that has a low point, travels up to a midpoint, travels up to a highpoint, turns […]

Jan 202003
The Fountain Of Youth

The Fountain of Youth was a mythical treasure that a Spanish guy named Ponce De Leon searched for back when they first were exploring the North American continent. Many other people have searched for the Fountain of Youth. The phrase has come to mean searching for an elusive, mystical treasure. There is nothing elusive or […]