Aug 232011
Belly Breathing - The Secrets Of Life 11

An accepted definition of breathing might be something like “Human beings breath with their lungs. Air enters the mouth or nose, travels down the trachea, and into the lungs where the oxygen is absorbed into the blood stream”. That definition is factually correct and accepted by the science and medical professions. Human beings can also […]

Aug 222011
Why Gay Is Wrong - The Secrets Of Life 10

Gay is unhealthy. That is because the human body is designed to be Visually Bilaterally Symmetric, and homosexuality is strongly associated with Asymmetry of the body That fact is not a new discovery by the author of this blog. According to the author of this blog, the fact that gays usually have an asymmetric body has […]

Aug 172011

 Chinese culture defines the human body as having two types of strength. The translation for those Chinese concepts are “Internal Strength and External Strength”.  That information can be confusing for Westerners, because there is no similar body concept in Western cultures. Chinese writings on the subject are difficult to decipher because of poor translations, or […]