Aug 282011
High Heels Make The Body Look More "Sexy" Because They Make The Body More Curved - The Secrets Of Life 16

According to Happeh Theory, high heels were created for the purpose of making women more feminine. What is it about high heels that makes women more feminine or “sexy”? Here is a picture of a woman wearing high heels.   Does the picture give you any idea why high heels would make a woman more […]

Aug 272011
Scissors, Paper, Rock - The Secrets Of Life 15

The video linked below is located on YouTube. Scissors, Paper, Rock A webpage duplicate of the video is also provided for those who prefer to read, and for more leisurely study. ——————————— A game called “Scissors, Paper, Rock”, is the subject of this fifth video in the series titled “The Secrets of Life”. Scissors, Paper, […]