Sep 132010
Dinosaur / Alien Skulls and the Skullcap / Kippa - Part 02

A previous blog entry made the connection between a skull said to be of alien/dinosaur origin,   and a type of headwear called a “Kippa” that is associated with Jewish culture. According to this blog entry, there is a connection between the alien/dinosaur skull, the Kippa, and the practice of male circumcision, which is the […]

Aug 022010
Aliens and Royalty

The picture below is of a skull that was discovered in South America. No one knows where the skull came from. There is a theory that the skull is the result of purposeful deformation attained by tying a board to the head of a child. As the child grows the soft child’s skull supposedly deforms […]

Mar 022010
Comparison of Dinosaur/Alien skull and a Human Skull

According to Happeh Theory, human beings evolved from dinosaurs. Or aliens. The basis of that claim is the skull in the picture below. This section is devoted to comparisons between the skull above and the skulls of modern human beings. All of the comparisons will show an undeniable similarity between the skull above and modern […]